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There have been a lot of changes to some of Marvel's oldest and most iconic characters and nowhere has that been more apparent these last few weeks than with Tony Stark, a character who just can't seem to catch a break. Thor is no exception either, having lost his Thor title and the right to wield his hammer Mjolnir way back in Marvel's 2014 Original Sin storyline.

Since then, the Thor title has been claimed by long time love interest Jane Foster, who has been using it to kick all kinds of butt across the Marvel Universe. However, to coincide with Marvels new "dual hero roles," where we so far have two different Spider-Men, Captain Americas, and Iron Men. It now looks like its Odinson's turn, as the Unworthy Thor is getting another chance to prove himself.

From Marvel's upcoming lineup
From Marvel's upcoming lineup

From the creative minds of Jason Aaron & Olivier Coipel, Unworthy Thor follows Odinson as he attempts to mend his pride and restore his reputation. To do this, Odinson is seeking to prove himself worthy to wield the Mjolnir that belonged to the currently deceased Ultimate Thor. The hammer somehow found its way onto Thor's Asgard at the end of the Thors (2016) comic tie-in to the Secret Wars (2016) event.

Who Is The Ultimate Thor?

As his name implies, Ultimate Thor originated from Marvel's Ultimate Comics series (2000), which served as a separate universe from the normal Marvel comic lineup. Being unburdened from the decades of pre-existing storylines, the Ultimate universe served as a fresh start, one that would entice new readers. Unfortunately, for Thor, the character's background would only become more and more convoluted anyway.

First, it was initially left up in the air as to whether or not Ultimate Thor was actually Thor at all or just a guy who was tad unhinged. He also frequently went through various stages of actual thunder-powered Asgardian to ordinary guy equipped with a powered tech suit and hammer.

Marvel's Ultimate Thor was a big departure from the original god of thunder, in both background and personality. Marvel presented Ultimate Thor as a less impulsive and instead, a more patient, reluctant fighter. It will be interesting to see how the legacy of Ultimate Thor coincides with Odinson's desperate desire to reclaim his thunder god title.

Odinson meets Ultimate Thor in Thors (2016)
Odinson meets Ultimate Thor in Thors (2016)

What Made Thor Unworthy?

Despite the fact that Thor Odinson has been unworthy since 2014, Marvel has still remained tight-lipped about what caused for to lose his worthiness. From what we do know, near the climax of the Original Sin storyline, Nick Fury Sr. (the original, not so Samuel Jackson inspired one), was able to subdue Thor with a whisper, leaving him unable to move his hammer, much like the attempts of other heroes:

This became one of the biggest mysteries of the Marvel universe as readers scratched their heads in confusion as to what could have possibly been said.

Behold the Unworthy Thor
Behold the Unworthy Thor

With this next chapter in Thor's story we may actually be getting answers to our long-awaited questions. Asgard is such a big setting in Marvels Comics that there are still many things that are unknown, including what the actual requirements to wield Mjolnir are. Regardless, it is good to see that the character. Jane Foster and her current iteration of Thor will not be impeded, as both will wield their own Mjolnir hammers.

What do you think of Odinson's potential return as Thor, God of Thunder?


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