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This 2016 year has brought us many new animated characters, varying from a police rabbit in Zootopia; to the concussed beluga whale in Finding Dory, and now a ninja-monkey arriving in next month's Kubo and the Two Strings.

The Summer season is in full effect. The production company Laika brings this action adventure, with Focus Features as their distributing partner. So before the movie reaches our screens, let's meet the characters of this realm set in ancient Japan.


Kubo, the protagonist, the magical savior, the kid with the instrument in this adventure, is voiced by actor Art Parkinson and will be the pivotal focus of the story. He is the son of a legendary Samurai and a magic wielding woman, who is said to be plagued by some form of sickness. As shown in recent footage, he will bear the responsibility of protecting a village of people, after his encounter with a gray-furred monkey, who you will find out about after finishing up here.


She is shown to be a fantastic swords-monkey?... In the first trailer, at (0:43). And, how do we put this, certainly the adult of the trio. Portrayed by actress, Charlize Theron, Monkey takes on the role of guiding our protagonist on his ventures against his enemies. She's displayed as a character there to teach Kubo and will serve as the female supporting role of the movie.


This humanoid beetle named Beetle, is voiced by Matthew McConaughey. He's serious in appearance, but could turn out to be the "comic relief" of the movie. He will certainly be one to teach Kubo a few things, while bantering with the hero on their adventure. Learning control by fishing was one of the lessons, as seen in the trailer. How to break stuff, after being told not to touch it appears to be another.


She is the grandmother of Kubo and the only family left of his. The character is voiced by Golden Globe winner, Brenda Vaccaro. She informs Kubo of the supernatural part of himself, before he later sets off with Monkey and Beetle.

The Sisters

Though the name is "The Sisters," and there's only one shown above, the character(s) are played by actress Rooney Mara. One of them is the foe shown to be fighting with Monkey in the trailers. They are highly acrobatic and skillful with a sword as well.

Raiden The Moon King

Not much is given about the character yet. He could possibly be the main antagonist of the film, voiced by Ralph Fiennes, who will serve as one of the gods and monsters Kubo has to battle. One thing is for certain, his appearance is very villainous.

These characters are very different. Different personalities, specie, along with capabilities, calls for a fun story. With action and comedy too? Of course it will be fun. It fits the criteria of a "must watch". As you know, the end of the Summer is approaching and this animated movie is full of action to satisfy the masses until something else hits in the Fall. So grab a friend or family member and head to see Kubo and the Two Strings when it hits theaters on August 19th. Until then, check out more photos from the movie below.

Will you be heading to see Kubo and the Two Strings?


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