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When you start going into your twenties, your summer slowly goes from family holiday to trips with your friends and significant other — and, let's face it, a lot less vacation than when you were in school. But as you're slowly becoming more of a respectable adult, there's a new challenge looming on the horizon: Weddings. Lots of them. And with every ceremony comes the stress of finding a date, finding something to wear, finding a place to stay, and taking advantage of the free booze without making a complete fool of yourself. (Let's not even discuss the tension when it's your own wedding coming up.)

Anna Kendrick in 'Table 19' / 20th Century Fox
Anna Kendrick in 'Table 19' / 20th Century Fox

Which means that Hollywood is always around the corner to spin a little levity into the drama that every wedding seems to carry in its wake. This summer, Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick seems to have caught on to the trend: She's starring in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which achieved a promising performance at the box office this weekend, as well as Table 19, for which a trailer was freshly released last week.

Can we expect Kendrick to specialize in the very specific sub-genre of biting wedding comedies? While we patiently wait for this totally viable career plan to take place, let's look at six similarly not-too-cheesy takes on tying the knot.

1. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

There's nothing more efficient than an R-rating to take away the cheesiness from a wedding movie. The real story of two brothers who put an ad up on Craigslist to find a date to go to a wedding, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates features comedy specialists Zac Efron, Adam DeVine, Aubrey Plaza and, like we just said, Anna Kendrick.

2. Table 19

While Table 19 doesn't come out until January 20, 2017, we were recently treated with the first trailer. Anna Kendrick stars as the wedding character we all know all too well: The so-called loser, who doesn't have a date to bring and would rather just not have shown up. And there's a whole table of these people! Including Friends' Lisa Kudrow.

3. Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids tackles a very simple consequence of being part of a wedding: Having to deal with people you didn't choose to deal with, but doing so anyway because you wouldn't commit such an atrocity as ruining someone else's idea of a perfect day.

4. I Love You, Man

Who doesn't enjoy a little vintage Paul Rudd and Jason Segel? This 2009 gem is the kind of movie that the "bromantic comedy" category was created for. Rudd is freshly engaged and realizes his absence of male friends is going to make it very difficult to find a best man, so he sets off on a quest — and Segel, you guessed it, might just be the perfect candidate. With its R-rating, it's a refreshing take on the wedding movie genre.

5. Runaway Bride

Did you know? There's a romance starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere that isn't Pretty Woman. This time, she plays a woman who's systematically fled her multiple weddings, and he plays a reporter who makes a living out of writing a ranting column about women. When he finds out the subject of his latest article is actually planning to get married again, he obviously jumps on the story.

6. Ceremony

Let's end on a slightly different note with the most bittersweet of these six wedding movies. Ceremony is lead by a not-so-popular hero who sees the woman of his dreams, played by Uma Thurman, getting married to another man. He tries to win her back, but it's obviously not as easy as just barging in when the couple are about to speak their vows.

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