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There's plenty of situations in which actor and character merge to the point where we can't think of one without picturing the other. Who doesn't immediately associate the Joker with Heath Ledger? (Alright, Jared Leto has taken on the challenging task of making us change our minds on that one.) Or take Bridget Jones: Bridget is Renée Zellweger, and Renée Zellweger is Bridget — for better or for worse.

In this twisted game of becoming one with your role, though, we've got a clear winner in the person of Ryan Reynolds and his character Deadpool. It's not like we've ever seen them in the same room, is it? Here are seven times when Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool appeared way too similar for their own good.

1. They're Both Canadian

Getty / Marvel Comics
Getty / Marvel Comics

Deadpool pushed the subversiveness as far as not being an American superhero, and Reynolds is a proud Vancouver native.

2. They Have Similar Humor

If you were a fan of the jokes in Deadpool, there's a good chance you'll enjoy Reynold's Twitter. The success of the ultimate antihero movie took everyone by surprise in part because it was R-rated, but in the end, we all got seduced by the Mouth of the Merc.

3. They're Both Dead Inside

This picture of Taylor Swift's casual Fourth of July bash made the rounds last week, but not as yet another proof of TayTay and Loki's staged romance — instead, giggling fans pointed out that Reynolds's face was the very illustration of the term "dead inside." That's just what Deadpool is too, isn't it?

4. They're Both Hot — Actually, Not Really

'Deadpool' / 20th Century Fox
'Deadpool' / 20th Century Fox

It'd be too easy to say that Wade Wilson and Reynolds are both hot. Meanwhile, Deadpool looks like "Freddy Krueger face-fucked a topographical map of Utah," as his dear friend Weasel so kindly points out. But still, he's fit enough to squeeze his ass into a red spandex suit.

5. But They Both Have A Hot Wife

Blake Lively in 'The Shallows' / Morena Baccarin in 'Deadpool'
Blake Lively in 'The Shallows' / Morena Baccarin in 'Deadpool'

Because that's totally what defines a man, right?

6. They've Both Been On Late Night TV

Granted, this list would have tripled in awesomeness if the petition to get Deadpool to host SNL had actually worked. Still, Reynolds hosted SNL a few years ago, and Deadpool later made his own late night TV appearance on Conan.

7. They Both Feel Old

Let's compare this tweet by 39-year-old Reynolds to this Deadpool quote:

"Oh, no, finish your tweet. It's not... That's... Just give us a second. Yeah. There you go. Hashtag it."

Looks like we can bet that by the time Deadpool 2 rolls around, Reynolds will be walking around in red spandex at home.

Can you think of other traits that Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool share?


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