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As you would have noticed by now, the cast list and new teaser/logo for Season 6 of American Horror Story has sent everyone into a frenzy. Knowing that the next season will involve children in some capacity, much of the speculation and theories surrounding the theme for Season 6 of American Horror Story all bring up one simple yet terrifying word: Antichrist.

Whether you are a newbie fan wanting to know what the deal is with all the devilish talk, or an existing fan needing a recap — I've got you covered. Here is a quick rundown of the Antichrist arc in the world of American Horror Story. Caution: spoilers ahead!

Where It All Began (Episode 1)

Taissa Farmiga, Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton
Taissa Farmiga, Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton

The idea of the Antichrist was introduced in Murder House, the first season of the show. Nine months prior to the Harmons move to Los Angeles, mother Vivien suffered a miscarriage and caught psychiatrist husband Ben having an affair with his student, Hayden. Their daughter Violet takes a liking to one of Ben's patients, Tate Langdon.

Vivien and Ben have a heated argument about the affair and miscarriage, but end up making love. Later that night, Vivien is raped by a man she thinks is Ben dressed in a rubber suit (found in the attic of the house). She tells Ben she is pregnant at the end of the episode.

Size Of A Kidney Bean (Episode 4)

Vivien experiences painful kicking from the baby, but how can it be kicking at eight weeks? The ultrasound technician tells Vivien and Ben that the baby is much bigger than they thought. When she looks closer at the monitor she faints.

I Saw The Little Hooves (Episode 6)

Violet discovers that Tate was actually killed in the house by a SWAT team after he murdered people in a school shooting. She attempts suicide but Tate saves her. Elsewhere, Vivien meets up with Angela, the technician who has quit her job at the hospital. She claims she saw the devil inside Vivien.

You're Having Twins! (Episode 7)

Vivien and Ben are told that she is, in fact, pregnant with twins. Tate shows Violet photos of the house when it was first built, along with a picture of the original owners — The Montgomerys. Violet shows Vivien the same pictures. Vivien recognizes Nora from when she thought Nora was a prospective buyer coming to look at the house in Episode 3.

The Rubber Man (Episode 8)

Left: Zachary Quinto - original rubber suit owner
Left: Zachary Quinto - original rubber suit owner

Tate is revealed as the Rubber Man. Tate promised to give a baby to Nora Montgomery after her baby was kidnapped and brutally murdered. We learn that the rubber suit came from the couple before the Harmons. When they decided not to have a child of their own, Tate dons the suit and kills them. Tate saw the Harmons move as another opportunity to give Nora a baby. It is then revealed that Tate raped Vivien and impregnated her.

The Pope's Box (Episode 9)

Ben finds out that the babies have different fathers, while Tate's mother Constance discovers Tate is one of them. Constance seeks help from her medium friend Billie Dean Howard. Billie explains the Pope's box. The box contains the secret of the end of the world and reveals the precise nature of the Antichrist — a child born of human and spirit. Said child will usher in the end of times.

The Birth Of The Antichrist (Episode 11)

Vivien finally gives birth but complications arise. The first is stillborn, while the baby Tate fathered survives. However, the so-called Antichrist baby causes Vivien to hemorrhage. Violet, who actually died when she took the sleeping pills in Episode 6, appears to Vivien, telling her to "come to this side, you can be with me". Vivien dies, leaving Ben by himself to raise the surviving twin.

The Essence Of Evil (Episode 12)

Constance (Jessica Lange) and Michael
Constance (Jessica Lange) and Michael

The season finale sees the Harmons become reunited as a family. Ben ends up being hung from the chandelier. With everyone trapped in the house as ghosts, Constance takes the baby. Cut to three years later, we see Constance return home from a trip to the hairdresser. Something clearly isn't right when she walks into her house. Constance finds the nanny dead with the surviving twin, Michael, sitting in a rocking chair, smiling with blood on his hands. Constance says: "Now what am I going to do with you?" and the screen cuts to black. That is the last we see of the Antichrist.

Whether we see it next season or in a future installment, the Antichrist arc would definitely make for a great connection between seasons. After all, Ryan Murphy has stated that "there's a definite universe and all the worlds are collided, sometimes in a very bizarre, interesting way." Murphy also said that the theme for Season 6 has been talked about a lot on the show already. The idea of the Antichrist and other tropes alike such as demons, devils, and hell are all concepts that have appeared one way or another in every season so far. Apart from seeing the Antichrist in Season 1, Season 2's Asylum saw the devil take possession of Sister Mary Eunice, Season 3's Coven introduced the concept of people going to hell, Season four's Freak Show had a devil's head as the entrance and a devil on Elsa's bag, while Season 5's Hotel had an episode called "Devil's Night" for Christ sake! Call me crazy or just grasping at straws, but these "clues" all seem plausible.

It's just a theory at this point, but it is pretty believable. What do you think the theme for Season 6 will be? Leave you thoughts below in the comments.

Michael "Antichrist" Langdon
Michael "Antichrist" Langdon


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