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Who could believe that it's been three beautiful years since we were blessed with the wondrous and imaginative movie Sharknado?!

That's right, Sharknado celebrates its third anniversary today, and I think you'll agree we're a lot better off for its existence. After all, without Sharknado we wouldn't have so many other things, including but not limited to, Sharknado 2: The Second One, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, Tara Reid's career renaissance and the upcoming Sharknado: The 4th Awakens.

So in order to properly celebrate this most hallowed of days, take a look below at the carefully selected Sharknado trivia and rejoice in its third anniversary:

1. The film was shot surprisingly quickly


You'd be forgiven for thinking months and months of filming went into Sharknado, but in fact the director managed to shoot the whole film in just 18 days.

2. There are a lot of Steven Spielberg tributes

The rogue ferris wheel in Sharknado [Syfy]
The rogue ferris wheel in Sharknado [Syfy]

When Steven Spielberg directed Jaws back in 1975, I doubt he could have predicted the multitude of shark-based horror films to come after it, and I certainly doubt that he could have ever envisaged one made about sharks swept up in a tornado, but it happened. In order to pay tribute to Spielberg's shark contributions, Sharknado included a number of hat tips to the shark master:

  • The shark being killed on Santa Monica pier using an air tank was how the shark in Jaws was killed.
  • The shark that lands outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre lands just behind the piece of sidewalk with Spielberg's handprints and signature.
  • When Nova and Matt go up in a helicopter, Nova says "we're gonna need a bigger chopper," similar to the famous line in Jaws, "you're gonna need a bigger boat!"
  • The character Nova tells a similar story that of Quint in Jaw talking about the sinking of the Indianapolis.
  • There is also a nod to Spielberg's films 1941 and Raiders of the Lost Ark when a ferris wheel rolls down the pier similar to in 1941, and people run away from it in an Indiana Jones-style.

3. It was the subject of Cory Monteith's last tweets

The film has the dubious honor of being the subject of Glee star, Cory Monteith's last tweets before he died on July 13, 2013:

4. An actor who passed up the lead role totally regrets doing so

Before Ian Ziering took on the role of Fin Shepard, Steve Guttenberg was offered the lead role and turned it down! However, after seeing the film's cult status, Guttenberg was so overcome with regret that he took up a role in another Syfy film, Lavalantula (a movie is about fire-breathing tarantulas which attack Los Angeles). However Guttenberg is set to appear in Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens.

But Guttenberg wasn't the only one to have doubts about the film...

5. Ian Ziering almost didn't take the role


Ziering was only talked into doing the film because his wife was pregnant at the time, and he needed work to support his family, and also maintain his health insurance!

Are you a fan of the Sharknado films?

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