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Wally West is a fairly new addition to the team on CW's The Flash, yet in the DC comics, he has a rich history with Barry Allen and the Flash that has yet to be explored in the show. At the end of last season, we watched as Barry Allen willingly fractured the timeline in order to save his mother.

The events that are to unfold following Barry's actions are what DC Comics fans know as Flashpoint. One thing we know is that all the characters will suffer major repercussions from the event, and it turns out the key to saving them may lie in the hands of none other than Iris West's little brother — Wally West.

Wally of the comics isn't submerged into the new reality of Flashpoint, but instead catapulted outside it.

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Wally West In DC Comics' Flashpoint

In the show as in the comics, Wally idolizes Barry Allen — a.k.a. The Flash — and dreams of accessing the Speed Force and fighting alongside him. When he grows up to have his dreams come true as Kid Flash — and later taking over the mantle of the Flash — his whole world is turned upside down when Flashpoint happens: Wally finds himself trapped in the Speed Force for 10 grueling years. Outside of reality, he is the only one that can see the alternate universe for what it is.

Wally is able to discover that the alternate reality was not actually Barry's fault, but actually a result of the actions of an entity from another universe of some sort. The entity, which we know to be Dr. Manhattan of Watchmen, removed 10 years from DCU history and as a result created the New 52 Universe, a world where the continuity was reset and the heroes no longer had deep-rooted friendships.

Wally goes to Batman for help.
Wally goes to Batman for help.

With this knowledge, Wally desperately tries to break out of the Speed Force to warn Barry, Bruce Wayne, and the Teen Titans of the being responsible for this disaster. But in this new timeline, no one remembers him because they have never met this version of him.

Even worse, every time Wally frantically tries to warn his friends through the Speed Force, he is swallowed deeper within it. On his last attempt, Wally goes to Barry — even though Barry doesn't recognize him — to expresses gratitude for the life Barry helped give him and says goodbye. But as he retreats into the Speed Force, Barry Allen suddenly remembers Wally and saves him for an emotional reunion.

This is where Barry encourages Wally to rejoin the Teen Titans — who are now just the Titans — and fills them in on the entity and the risk they face now.

Barry and Wally reunite in "DC Universe Rebirth."
Barry and Wally reunite in "DC Universe Rebirth."

What It Means For Wally West On The Flash

At the end of Season 2, Wally finally discovered Barry Allen was the Flash, and it made him look up to Barry even more. Wally's father, Joe, had finally come to accept that Wally was growing up and wanted to be apart of team Flash. None of this will matter, though, as Barry ran off to set in motion the "Flashpoint" arc for Season 3. So, where will this leave Wally in The Flash next season?

The show has already set up the big brother/little brother dynamic with Wally and Barry, just like the comics. We may find Wally stuck in the Speed Force, which may lead him to finally fulfilling his speedster destiny. Barry and Wally's relationship certainly suggests that Wally would be crushed if neither Barry nor his family remembers him, with he and Barry having an emotional reunion once Barry finally remembers him to be Iris's younger brother.

As to how and why Wally would get trapped in the Speed Force without already being a speedster? No clue, except that he may already be a speedster. Remember the accident in Star Labs when the team was trying to recreate the moment Barry initially became the Flash? Wally and Jesse were struck — but not killed — by that same blast that turned many into metahumans. The energy sent Barry to the Speed Force — maybe this time its residual effects on Wally will do the same him when the Flashpoint hits. Wally West just may come out of the "Flashpoint" arc a hero — and with a mean sprint to boot.

Would you like to see Wally West become a speedster in Season 3 of The Flash after "Flashpoint"? Comment below!


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