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For any Star Wars fan, this coming weekend is a huge deal. Star Wars Celebration starts on July 15 and is sure to be packed with wonderful little Star Wars tidbits. Star Wars Celebration always comes with the same two questions as well. First: What do we want to see? And second: What will we likely see?

I want to talk about our wants — our Star Wars Celebration hopes and dreams if you will. Celebration comes with so many possibilities, so here are a handful of things we hope to see at Star Wars Celebration this year.

Star Wars: Episode VIII

Let's be honest, we can't expect a lot of news concerning the eighth installment of the series. However, I think I'm speaking within the realm of possibility when I suggest that we could get some behind-the-scenes moments. I'm dying for something along the lines of the black-and-white photo of the first script read of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That photo had everyone and their mother talking for months. The speculation that sprung from that single photo was amazing to say the least.

I'd love to see Mark Hamill or Daisy Ridley goofing around on set. Maybe an interview with the props director or the head of wardrobe. Any tiny tidbit of information could have us guessing and writing fan theories for months. I'm not expecting much, but I've just got to have something Episode VIII related to hold me over until Rogue One.

Something along the lines of this teaser released earlier this year would be great:

Wouldn't it also be amazing to get a teaser trailer like the first one we got for Star Wars: The Force Awakens? The first trailer for Episode VII featured three small clips that were only seconds long. As short as they were, those clips gave us our first glimpse into the new movie. It was so amazing and exciting to get those precious few seconds of footage when the movie premiere was over a year away.

We'd all love to see something like that at Celebration. Just a few short spoiler-free clips to show just a little bit of the aesthetic. Not to mention that we learned the title of The Force Awakens around the same time and I'm sure we're all anxiously awaiting the official title of Episode VIII. It would be so great if we were to learn it at Celebration.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

We've actually learned a lot recently concerning Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We know that Friday we'll get a new, longer trailer for the film. Hopefully this will feature more of Forest Whitaker's character.

Last month we learned that Whitaker will be playing Saw Gerrera, a character that began on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We don't know much else about Saw and we've only seen him speaking one line in the first trailer for the movie. I think we all want to see more Saw before the movie comes out!

I'd also like to learn more about Donnie Yen's character. He's playing Chirrut Imwe, a character like Maz Kanata who is no Jedi, but knows the Force. These characters are fascinating. They wield the force, but aren't officially Jedi. Learning more about this character will be huge as far as the lore of Star Wars is concerned.

Star Wars: Rebels

Last year we got an amazing trailer for Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 and everyone in attendance got to see the season premiere. I want — nay, need — a new trailer for Season 3. There are so many unanswered questions, like is Ezra Supreme Leader Snoke from the new trilogy?! I've got to have a new trailer.

On top of that, wouldn't it be cool for everyone on the live-stream to see some of the premiere for Season 3? I'm sure the first episode will leave us with just as many questions as the finale of Season 2.

Star Wars Video Games

There's so much going on with Star Wars video games at the moment. Or at least, that's what EA says. I'm hoping that Celebration will feature the announcement of what these secret Star Wars projects of theirs are.

As far as what these projects could be, I sincerely hope they're making new versions of some of the classics. A new Rogue Squadron focused on Poe Dameron would be beyond amazing as far as I'm concerned. Another Empire at War would be extremely welcome as well. Seeing these classic games brought back and brought into the Force Awakens era would be one of the coolest announcements they could make.

I'm incredibly optimistic and excited for Star Wars Celebration 2016. We have no idea what will happen, or what we'll learn, but that's what makes it all so exciting!

Make sure to catch the live-stream of the whole event on YouTube and and check out Movie Pilot for all the latest Celebration news!

What do you want to see at Star Wars Celebration 2016?


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