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How Much Are Your Original Ghostbusters Toys Worth?

By Matt Kranis ⋅ Posted on July 11, 2016 at 11:14pm

Fans have eagerly awaited director Paul Feig's new take on the Ghostbusters franchise and luckily, it sounds like the upcoming comedy lives up to the original with its own unique style that still pays homage to the '80s films.

The new film has already inspired an array of collectibles and toys, keeping up the franchise's merchandise traditions. Though the original Ghostbusters hit theaters in 1984, we didn't get many proper Ghostbusters toys until Kenner's The Real Ghostbusters toy line debuted in 1986. Based on the animated series of the same name, the line featured animated versions of film favorites like Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddemore, Egon Spengler and more.

To celebrate the new movie, we're going back in time to revisit some of our favorites from Kenner's original Ghostbusters toy line and seeing what they're worth today!

Note: Our current selling prices are based on listings from eBay. You may be able to find these toys for different prices elsewhere. And as always, price will vary depending on the condition of your collectibles.

The Real Ghostbusters Team — First Series

The Ghostbusters ready for action.

Current Selling Price: $90-$450 in box

This version of the original Ghostbusters may not be the most accurate to the films, but the redesigned characters still manage to capture the basic essence of their cinematic equivalents.

Armed with their signature proton packs and paired with ghosts ready for busting, these action figures are the perfect starting point for any Ghostbusters toy collection. As some of the first Ghostbusters toys produced, these are worth a nice price if you have them in pristine condition left in their boxes.

The Real Ghostbusters Team — Fright Features Series

Ghosts are super scary.

Current Selling Price: $40-$50 in box

The Fright Features series of Kenner's Ghostbusters line is probably the most memorable, giving each member of the team ridiculous cartoony reactions to frightening ghosts. These figures are more common considering the toy line's popularity, so they aren't worth quite as much as the first series figures.

Janine Melnitz — Fright Features Series

Janine Melnitz's action figure debut.

Current Selling Price: $40-$50 in box

The Fright Features series also brought the Ghostbusters' secretary to toy form for the first time. But like on Real Ghostbusters, Janine was also a member of the team — decked out with her own ghostbusting gear and ready to track down paranormal creatures across the city.

First Series Slimer

Ahh, yes, that famous film character Green Ghost.

Current Selling Price: $100-$899 in box

As the breakout ghost from 1984's Ghostbusters, it should come as no shock that there were plenty of Slimer toys. The slovenly specter's first toy even came with a bunch of food accessories — though it's kind of lame that he's only referred to as "Green Ghost." This toy's been priced as high as $900 for a perfect copy in pristine packaging, though that seems to be an anomaly.

Fearsome Flusher

Looks like we need to call a plumber.

Current Selling Price: $15-$75 in box

The Ghostbusters franchise has no shortage of insane ghosts, but the Fearsome Flusher definitely leads the pack as one of the most bizarre. Why a ghost would want to possess a toilet is anyone's guess, but it's definitely going to take a lot more than a plumber to solve this problem.


The Ecto-1A ready to take down ghosts across NYC.

Current Selling Price: $300 in box

Most of Kenner's toys tied directly to The Real Ghostbusters animated series, though the Ecto-1A was released alongside 1989's Ghostbusters II. The toy featured a sticker set that allowed sweet customization, and you could even pop your favorite Ghostbusters in the vehicle.


Take to the skies to catch ghosts in the Ecto-2.

Current Selling Price: $100 - $285 in box

The Ecto-1 might be the world's greatest ghosthunting vehicle, but the Ecto-2 comes in at a close second. This one-man helicopter only appeared in The Real Ghostbusters animated series and was one of the few vehicles from the movies or show to actually be featured in Kenner's toy line. While a slew of other vehicles were produced, they never appeared on screen.

Firehouse Headquarters

Every good ghostbusting team needs an HQ.

Current Selling Price: $65 - $600 in box

Of course, you needed to have a base for your Ghostbusters team and their Ecto-1. Luckily, you could get your very own version of their firehouse headquarters to house your action figures and inspire some fun adventures. If kept in the box, these tend to go for around $100 - $200, but firehouses in perfect condition can sell for up to $600.

Proton Pack

Catch ghosts on your own with a proton pack.

Current Selling Price: $100-$375 in box

You couldn't be a real Ghostbuster without a proton pack, and thankfully you could snag your very own complete with a P.K.E. meter to track down ghosts and ghouls.

Kenner's Real Ghostbusters toyline wasn't the most accurate to the movies, but for kids in the '80s it was really the only way to have Ghostbusters adventures of your own at home. Thankfully, the toys stayed true to the comedic spirit of the movies while birthing some wacky and original designs all their own.

What were your favorite Ghostbusters toys as a kid? Let us know in the comments below.

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