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Every now and then a movie comes out, does fairly well at the box-office, a sequel is announced, it gets as far as a script, and then suddenly gets the plug pulled on it. A good percentage of those movies, mostly superhero or children-centric, get a sequel. I mean, that's pretty much a given.

Every once in a while, however, a movie you had least expected to get a sequel gets one, while others you thought for sure would be greenlit go nowhere. You know which ones I'm talking about.

Below is a list of seven sequels we BADLY need to get for seven underrated films!

1. Crank 3

It's been seven years since Crank 2's release back in 2009, and since then it's been widely rumored that a third movie was definitely in the works - but hasn't happened yet. Everyone from the fans to Jason Statham himself has expressed how much that the film franchise needs a sequel, and last year he told Entertainment Weekly that the film’s writers and directors, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, had a "loose idea" but they hadn't written the script yet. No news has surfaced on whether or not they have a script, but hopefully they do soon. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they bring Chev Chelios back to us sooner and not later!

2. The Iron Giant 2

At the end of The Iron Giant, we saw that The Iron Man himself was okay, and safely rebuilding. It's been about 17 years since its 1999 release and just last year, Vin Diesel teased a possible sequel to that incredible film. He wrote on his Facebook page

I have been very lucky to have played so many interesting characters ... one of the first and one of my favorites is... the Iron Giant. P.S. Don't be surprised when you hear WB announce the sequel.

Director Brad Bird hurried to Twitter to tell fans that

Vin was just having fun stirring pots. I agree with you; we told the story we wanted to tell--and now we're done.

Author Ted Hughes penned a follow-up book, The Iron Woman, which doesn't necessarily mean that it'd be a basis for a sequel, but it could work seeing as The Iron Giant wasn't exactly like Hughes' novel upon which it was based, either.

3. The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun

The Adventures of Tintin was a box-office hit, and not too long after its release in 2011, both Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson green-lit the film's sequel. The title was to be The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun.

A short synopsis was also released, which revealed the story would revolve around Tintin and his friend searching for a professor who had been kidnapped while studying Peruvian Indians. They would face danger coming from the new generation of Inca people who would even keep them imprisoned. The protagonists would then need help from a third party to release them and get them safely home – of course, bringing along some Inca treasure.

The film was supposed to hit theaters on December 16, 2016, but no news on what the hold-up is has surfaced. And at the moment, it doesn't look like The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun will happen any time soon, if ever.

4. Robin Hood: Origins

Russell Crowe's Robin Hood didn't do so hot in theaters and people didn't like Ridley Scott's take on the legendary bow-shooting outlaw of Nottingham. As we all know, the film did leave room for a sequel, but it probably won't happen due to both Disney and Lionsgate having Robin Hood-related films in the works, Nottingham & Hood and Robin Hood: Origin, respectively. Robin Hood: Origin, starring Taron Egerton is delayed due to the filming of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which comes out next year, so at this point, it's anybody's guess as to when the project will move forward - but I hope it does.

5. Dredd 2

2012's Dredd was a massive hit among fans, but Adi Shankar (producer) told interviewers about a year ago that a Dredd 2 would probably not be happening. However, Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner has suggested on Facebook that Dredd 2 would eventually arrive on the big screen. He said

There will be a new Dredd film, it’s just a question of when.

Alex Garland (writer) had basically said the same thing earlier last year. They weren't sure if Karl Urban would even have anything to do with a Dredd 2, but regardless, we're still waiting for another kick-ass installment.

6. District 10

Director Neill Blomkamp has said that that he knows he wants to make District 10, sequel to his breakthrough hit, District 9, "at some point." Last year, he reiterated in another interview with IGN, "I have every intention to do it, I just need to find the right time TO do it." Both he and Peter Jackson acknowledge that the film was left at a cliffhanger, but time was and still is the determining factor for the project. Jackson is recently finished with The Hobbit films and Blomkamp with Chappie, which didn't fare so well in theaters, and a long-rumored Alien spinoff that may or may not be happening.

7. Need for Speed 2

2014's Need For Speed is arguably the best racing movie of all time (at least in my opinion). Some believe that it was a bomb, whereas some argue otherwise. It didn't do so well with critics and only so-so at the box office, so it's very possible that a sequel won't be happening at all. However, the Chinese film industry seems to recognize that the franchise does have potential in Need for Speed, at least in China, and companies Jiaflix, China Movie Channel, and 1905 Pictures are making plans to collectively develop Need for Speed 2. At one time it was rumored that the original cast would be returning, but other sources say it will have a new cast altogether. For fans, such as myself, let's keep our fingers crossed for a Need for Speed 2 starring the original cast!

Honorable Mention

1. Kick-Ass 3

Due to the mediocre box office performer (in fairness, the movie was pirated prior to release) that was Kick-Ass 2, it's been long since assumed that Kick-Ass 3 would not be happening. But since then, a rumor circulated that there were tentative plans for Kick-Ass 3 to happen, and not too long after that, another rumor surfaced saying that the studio would maybe reboot the film franchise altogether. Plus, with creator Mark Millar rebooting the Kick-Ass comics with a brand-new, black female lead as Kick-Ass, imagine the possibilities for a renewed movie franchise.

If you want more on this, why not check out my 10 Reasons Why We Need A Kick-Ass 3 article, but keep in mind that I did this 2 years ago, so my views and opinions may have somewhat changed.

So what do YOU think? Are there any other films YOU'D like to see have sequels? Tell me all things in the comments section below! Thanks for reading, and don't forget to follow for more movie awesomeness!


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