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Maybe it was the amazing overall response from her Netflix series Jessica Jones or maybe it was the demand for a new comic book series after the show was released. Whatever the reason, I'm happy to say that Jessica Jones is back with a new ongoing series and they're putting the band back together.

Brian Michael Bendis and artists Michael Gaydos and David Mack are back together and making good on Bendis' word at Emerald City Comic Con that a new Jessica Jones series was on its way. They are the original team that worked on Jessica Jones' first run in Alias and since they are the ones responsible for creating the character to begin with, there are a few things I hope we see in her return to comics.

Strong Woman

One of the best things about Jessica Jones is that she is not only physically strong, she has strong character as well. Jessica may have messed up a bunch when she was younger, but whenever things went bad and she had to make a big or tough decision, she always made the right call.

J. Jonah Jameson could threaten her, S.H.I.E.L.D. could abandon her at times, and she could get completely down on herself, but Jessica Jones will always do what's right even at great personal cost to herself. She is a superhero that women of every age can look up to.

A More Mature Jessica Jones

Mother and wife.
Mother and wife.

Jessica Jones isn't the immature and depressed alcoholic woman she once was. She has a daughter and husband now and she has a new outlook on life. She is now a woman who knows what is important in her life. Her family — most importantly, her daughter. So much so that when she felt that Luke's life as an Avenger was putting her and their daughter Danielle at risk that she made the decision to leave him.

As much as it hurt them — and me, the reader — she knew their child took priority over everything. Eventually, Luke quit the Avengers because he knew his wife was right. Had she not stood her ground, who knows where they would be?

More Experienced

Knocking out Atlas during her time as an Avenger.
Knocking out Atlas during her time as an Avenger.

Jessica used to hate and almost be ashamed of her powers. She could fly but not land and she didn't really know how strong or invulnerable she really was. At one point, she hated her superhero past all together. She still may regret the decisions she made as Jewel, but she is definitely proud of her short time as an Avenger.

She learned that her powers aren't a curse and that she may never be as good as Steve Rogers, but she was there for her friends when they needed her and she damn sure save her husband's butt during the Skrull invasion.

Will they make comic book Jess like Netflix Jess?
Will they make comic book Jess like Netflix Jess?

Regardless of what we all may think Jessica's new series needs, we can all rest easy knowing one thing: The team that created her know her better than we do and they will keep making her an amazing and loved character.


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