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Or shall I say directors?

We already talked about the looming production date for Saw Legacy, the upcoming continuation of the franchise, but we didn't have any cast announcements or even a director lined up. However, doing more browsing around current productions in motion in the Canadian province of Ontario, we see that the project might just be farther along than we thought.

The Ontario Media Development Corporation has a public list of all the film and television productions underway in Ontario right now. One of those productions is indeed and as mentioned in a previous article, it is set to begin production on September 12, 2016. What the OMDC has listed that the previous IATSE source did not have was directors. According to the list on the OMDC page, Saw Legacy will be directed by Michael and Peter Spierig. Also added to the producers list is longtime Saw producer, Mark Burg.

via OMDC
via OMDC

In case you're unaware, the Spierig brothers have directed quite a few Hollywood films and they've all been received fairly well. They made their big screen debut with the 2003 film, Undead, and returned with the vampire-themed Daybreakers in 2010. Their latest release was in 2014 with the sci-fi thriller, Predestination. Their somewhat sci-fi approach to the horror genre is interesting, and for me personally, it would be a decent fit into the world of Saw.

Peter and Michael Spierig
Peter and Michael Spierig

Now, obviously things can change; technically nothing is officially announced, and we still have no cast or a plot that could tie up the loose ends of the Saw franchise, but official production notes don't really lie. At this point, it's probably safe to welcome the Spierig brothers to the Saw family.

Who would you want to direct Saw Legacy? Let us know in the comments!

[Source] Ontario Media Development Corporation


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