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Universal Pictures (known famously for their old westerns, dinosaur flicks, and their Steven Spielbergs) sure seems to know in what direction they're heading with their upcoming monster universe reboot.

With phenomenal talent such as Tom Cruise & Russell Crowe finishing up principal photography on the upcoming The Mummy reboot and method actor Johnny Depp on board to play The Invisible Man for the company, Universal seem to be tapping yet another shoulder of an A-List star to join the monster madness. *tap tap*

Enter Javier Bardem!

Ain't he dreamy
Ain't he dreamy

According to sources close to Variety, actor Javier Bardem is in talks to join Universal's reboot of their monster universe. What role could Skyfall's main antagonist be tackling, you might ask?

Well, none other than the Frankenstein monster, that's who!

Hereeeeeee's Franky!
Hereeeeeee's Franky!

The role made famous by Boris Karloff's adaptation of the character in the 1930s will now be taken up by the Spanish actor. Although it is unknown as to when we will first see Bardem suit up for the role, the same source told Variety that the audience would see him show up in another monster flick, before the in-development Bride of Frankenstein film.

One can only assume that we may see a glimpse of the Frankenstein monster in the upcoming The Mummy reboot, being as it is nearing the end of its production.

Fun Fact: Javier Bardem was also approached by Universal to play Dr. Jekyll in the Mummy reboot, opposite Tom Cruise. Alas, Bardem decided to skip on the part, which ultimately left the door open for Russell Crowe to fill in for the role.

"Screw it. I'll play the monster instead. Huzzah!"
"Screw it. I'll play the monster instead. Huzzah!"

[ Source: Variety ]


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