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Imagine a group of kids talking cafeteria time gossip, telling each other about the cool things their parents do. Even the most mundane jobs by our standards become the most exciting of adventures as the childhood imagination soars. Why is that? I'd like to think that for most of us our parents are our everyday superheroes. The things parents do to provide for the lives their children live make all jobs, no matter how small in appearance, seem like saving the world.

Superman issue No. 2 is an ode to fatherhood, and takes the expression "My dad is Superman" to the literal level. This issue is the second part to the "Son of Superman" arc and is primarily from the viewpoint of Jonathan Kent (Superman's son). Superman brings his son on mission with him and we get to see what a Man of Steel-level "bring your kid to work day" would look like. However, before I go on with this review, I would like to dedicate this article to my own dad. Paps, thanks for always being my superhero as a kid. With that being said lets take a look at the comic.

The Artwork Fits The Tone Perfectly

The first thing I want to discuss is the art in this issue. The artwork here is exactly what it needed to be. The color tone of the issue is light and bright with deep blue tones to convey the hope and safety you should feel when reading a title of "The Big Blue Boy Scout." The way the artist draws Superman is perfect — he has the strong, heroic jawline with a kind face that shows compassion all over. This is the feeling DC has been missing from a Superman title for five years.

The Story Is Real

Now let's talk story (SPOILERS AHEAD). The first issue of this series kinda threw me off; the introduction was a completely different feel from the rest of the comic, but this story picks up where the first issue left off and went sprinting.

At the end of the last issue, Jon sees his dad being confronted by Batman & Wonder Woman, and the comic ends with Superman going into Jon's room and telling him to come with him. That's where the second issue picks up. Initially, Jon is worried that his dad is giving him to League, but Clark reassures his son that they were just checking in on the "New Superman." Clark then tells his son that he is taking Jon to help out on a distress call. Events unfold and Superman helps his son gain a measure of control over his powers. More importantly, Superman gives his son an excellent speech about Jon's place in the world and his responsibilities to it. The issue ends with Jon getting hurt while Clark and Lois are confused about how it's possible with Jon's emerging power.

Most Importantly, It Shows Us That Superman Isn't Perfect

Superman has been a character that, all in all, I have a very mixed opinion on. Under the right creative team Superman can shine bright like the light he was created to be, sentinel of the underdog as he was intended. That being said, very frequently it is the case that a team will focus on how hard he can punch and make every struggle a physical one. However, this creative team shows the Man of Steel in an element where not even he can be perfect at: fatherhood. We get to see the best and even at times the worst of Clark Kent as he struggles to find a way to protect and guide his son the way his parents never could. Seeing a god struggle to be a man should always be a part of the Superman ethos, but this team is able to go a step further. In this title we get to see Clark Kent at his most human, as a man trying to do right by his son.

If you've read my DC rebirth article you know that I hold this relaunch in very high regard, and that this particular title continues to impress me. Superman has earned my continued support as a reader, I will continue to follow this title and I expect great things.

Where would you go with Superman on "take your kid to work" day?

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