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Before we get this party started, everyone. Just. Freeze! And watch 'Let It Go' one more time, to thaw out those ear drums:

Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about 'Frozen 3'!

Even though Frozen 2 hasn't even released its first trailer yet, you know a third is most likely going to happen. Frozen made over a billion in the box office, became the most profitable animated movie ever, and fifth-biggest money making movie ever. How could Disney not make at least three of them, if not only because three is a nice, round, magic movie number?

Frozen 2 is no doubt going to be all about Anna's wedding to Kristoff, or at least partly about it. We'll get to see all the crazy things that will most definitely make that wedding interesting. With a klutz like Anna, anything and everything could go wrong.

But where might Frozen 3 take us?

Hans Declares War

At the end of Frozen, Anna and Kristoff were together, Elsa was cool, and Hans was exiled back to his kingdom. The trouble that could threaten the wedding might be Hans and his brothers declaring war on the kingdom, something that's never really explored in the cutesy princess movies Disney's given us over the years. But what if that plot waits for number three? What kind of leverage could Hans possibly have that could help him defeat an ice queen and her spunky sister?

This is where Disney could use the now-famous Disney Princess Theory to its advantage.

The Disney Movies Connection

Despite numerous attempts to debunk the theory that The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Tarzan, and Frozen are connected, it remains a fun little thing. What's the proposed connection, you ask? In a nutshell, Elsa and Anna's parents died in the storm at sea on the way to Flynn and Rapunzel's wedding. Their ship was the one Ariel scavenged in The Little Mermaid, but they didn't actually die in the shipwreck. They not only survived and washed up on a tropical island, but they were expecting when it happened! They had a baby, named him Tarzan, and boom! The rest is history. Theoretically, of course.

The fun Disney could have with this popular fan theory is unlimited! And Disney, with all their surprise cameos between movies over the years (a Scar throw rug in Hercules...oh, yeah!), could definitely do something crazy like this!

Well, at the end of Frozen, Hans is probably pretty pissed. I mean, wouldn't you be if you kept getting reminded of that one time you got clobbered by a girl, with this picture?

The Leverage - Use Elsa And Anna's Parents Against Them

A good ending to Frozen 2 would be the wedding wrapping up, the happy couple leaving for their honeymoon...and about ten years later, Hans stepping out of his boat onto an island in the middle of the ocean, and coming face to face with Anna and Elsa's parents!

Although, their boy would be older by now. Also, the parents should be long gone, probably killed by a leopard or something. But hey – there's nothing wrong with a little timeline twisting, right?

Hans receives word that the sisters' parents survived the shipwreck, maybe after someone in his kingdom found a message in a bottle. He sets out to find them, and uses them to exact his revenge on Arendelle. He thinks that using them as hostages, Elsa will hand over Arendelle.

How The Battle Would Go Down

We know that with Frozen, Disney took the typical princess movie formula and jacked it all up, in a good way. The princess didn't get the handsome prince, she got the goofy ice guy. Heck, even her big sister told her she was dumb for marrying a guy she just met. The queen didn't get a guy either; instead, she found herself. And they even threw a gay couple with a family in the mix, with Oaken and clan:

There's one piece of the typical princess movie formula that they didn't throw on its head, though. Or did they? It's the “true love saves the day” thing. Only in this movie, it's not the prince kissing the princess, it's the little sister sacrificing herself for her big sister, but in turn, saving herself with her act of true love. In a way, Disney switched the true love shtick up. But what if they mixed it up a little more?

Fans are chomping at the bit for Disney to not only give Elsa a girlfriend, but for Anna to get powers. And if we've learned anything from the X-Men, what better time to activate those latent powers than during a time of great distress? Say, maybe, in the heat of battle? I think movie number three should unveil that Anna got her power in that moment, instead of that true love thing working. In the stress of battle, Anna's power finally reveals itself!

But even with an ice queen and her hot sister (terrible, I know), Hans still has their parents, and will hurt them if they don't surrender.

The Lost Son Plays His Part, Too

Little does Hans know that the king and queen's son has snuck aboard his ship, and stowed away all the way back to the Southern Isles. Shoot, maybe even keep it from the audience that they had a son! Hans and crew attack, and now that they know their parents are still alive and being held hostage by Hans, even Elsa's and Anna's ice and heat powers can't protect the kingdom without possibly hurting their mom and dad. What are they to do?


Junior arrives in the nick of time, freeing mom and dad. When Anna and Elsa won't surrender, Hans goes to where they're being held to kill them, only to find they're gone.

Happily Ever After

Disney can throw every princess movie rule out the window, except this one. The happy ending we all want happens, with mom, dad, Anna, Elsa, and their new little bro ruling Arendelle, and Hans and his brothers in prison, where they should have been thrown at the end of the first movie.

For good measure, since Elsa is still alone, and the rightful kind and queen are back in Arendelle, Elsa could sail to the Southern Isles, where she will rule as queen. Not so much from an Iron Throne, but something like that.

The End

I envision the ending scene of the movie being something like this: a knock at the castle door, Elsa just happening to be close by, and her opening the door to see the Southern Isles' goofy ice delivery guy! Disney keeps their new rule that says the girl doesn't necessarily need to get the prince, and Elsa, who has proven herself to be the most badass animated female on Planet Disney, gets to have a little intrigue in her life.


What do you think? Good ending? Bad?


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