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From the moment she was introduced in The Walking Dead Season 1, waving a handgun in Rick's face, the character of Andrea was almost universally disliked. It was a shame really, because her comic book counterpart is nothing short of a badass. But, for whatever reason, the TV version of the character just didn't translate and ultimately she was killed off in the Season 3 finale before her character could undergo any sort of Carl-esque transformation.

As mentioned, the comic book version of Andrea is quite a different character, and unlike in the TV series, she's still very much alive in the comic books, and in a longterm relationship with Rick (a storyline taken over by Michonne in the TV series). So given this, it comes as small surprise to learn that originally it seems like Andrea was planned to stay around for much longer - eight years longer in fact.

Rick and Andrea in Issue 102 [Skybound]
Rick and Andrea in Issue 102 [Skybound]

At New Jersey Walker Stalker Con, which ran this past weekend, Laurie Holden, the actress who played Andrea, revealed that she originally signed an eight-year deal to star on the series. Speaking at the con she said:

The biggest factor in Andrea being killed off was probably the removal of show creator Frank Darabont as show runner in the second season. According to Holden, Darabont "hand picked" all of the cast, something which resulted in a tight knit crew, free of egos. However after Darabont was fired and replaced with Glen Mazzara, many of the cast were unhappy with the change, particular those like Holden who had worked with him prior to The Walking Dead.

The cast of The Walking Dead Season 1 [AMC]
The cast of The Walking Dead Season 1 [AMC]

But despite her total honesty with the crowd, Holden is also pleased with the way her character was killed off, and believes the series under showrunner Scott Gimple has been restored to the glory it experienced in Season 1, saying:

Since her characters exit, Laurie Holden has gone on to other films and series such as Dumb and Dumber To and Major Crimes, as well as playing a role in helping to thwart child sex traffickers in Colombia (yes, really!). However there's still a small part of me that wonders what the show might look like if Andrea was still a character, especially if there were plans for her to develop further into someone closer to her comic book equivalent.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 7 in October

Would you have liked to see Andrea stick around for longer?


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