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There's a fine line between building hype for a film and giving away too much of the plot. Swinging too far in the direction of spoilers can really negatively impact the movie's success — you need to look no further than last year's Terminator: Genisys for proof of that.

Star Trek: Beyond hasn't quite reached Genisys levels of spoilering, but with each new trailer and TV spot more plot is revealed. Even the second trailer laid out the plot structure pretty obviously, so if you were paying attention you could probably guess what would happen at the end.

Kirk and Chekov marooned in 'Beyond' [Paramount]
Kirk and Chekov marooned in 'Beyond' [Paramount]

The subsequent trailer was essentially a retooling of the second one, but it didn't reveal too much more. Now, two new TV spots have been released, and Paramount may have laid all their cards on the table.

It Was Never About The Enterprise

If you were watching the first trailer closely, you would have deduced that the villainous Krall would turn his attention to Yorktown, the Starfleet base positioned right on the edge of Federation space. Of course, Kirk and the crew are stranded on an alien planet, leaving Yorktown defenseless.

As an audience we can be pretty assured that our heroes would rush in to save the day, but with the Enterprise destroyed all bets were off as to how they achieved this. Sure, the official trailers planted the hints that the crew would commandeer another ship, but they didn't actually show the final action sequence. Until now, that is.

The international TV spot focuses almost entirely on the fight to defend Yorktown, which is a surprising choice. After all, this is the final showdown in the film, and it seems unwise to reveal this early on. Now we know for certain that Krall really wanted to attack Yorktown all along, meaning the attack on the Enterprise was just a method of getting the Federation's flagship out of the way.

We can also clearly see the crew aboard the USS Franklin, an ancient Starfleet ship that Kirk and Chekov found on the alien planet. With the narrative voice telling Kirk that millions of lives are in his hands, it's pretty obvious that the crew will save the day — and another TV spot showed more shots of the final battle.

Starbase Yorktown under attack [Paramount]
Starbase Yorktown under attack [Paramount]

Put all this together with the descriptions of Krall's hatred of the Federation's policy of diversity and boom, that's pretty much the whole film.

Oh, and Sulu's husband (played by script editor Doug Jung) seems to have been revealed, as he can be seen running through Yorktown with their daughter in his arms. Hopefully this cameo isn't all we get from Sulu's family — after the big revelation that Sulu is in fact gay, this can't be the only time we see his husband, right? With any luck we'll get a sweet scene of the two saying goodbye earlier on, to give this later scene some context.

Is this Sulu's husband and daughter? [Paramount]
Is this Sulu's husband and daughter? [Paramount]

Actually this brings up another point, because it's not just the TV spots that have been dropping spoilers left and right.

Revealing All The Good Stuff

From a purely political perspective, maybe it was best that Sulu's coming out was deliberately orchestrated before Star Trek: Beyond was released. This way, the discussion of his sexuality wasn't buried under a plethora of reviews about the film (and what a discussion this turned out to be, after George Takei criticized the decision). But ignoring the impact of LGBT representation, Sulu's husband is just another plot point, and one which we now won't be surprised by when we see the film.

Then there's Jaylah — Sofia Boutella's alien warrior is one of the most enigmatic and compelling parts of Beyond, and with her clear central positioning on posters and the focus on her in the trailers, she's definitely going to be important to the plot. And, thanks to recent interviews, now we know exactly how.

Jaylah wants vengeance against Krall [Paramount].
Jaylah wants vengeance against Krall [Paramount].

The latest issue of Empire featured a detailed interview with Boutella, and the magazine pretty much gave away everything about her character. I'll save you from spoilers, but suffice to say she does indeed have history with Krall, and this history will prove vital to the Enterprise crew saving the day.

For anyone following the news about Beyond, we have to wonder if such detailed revelations were necessary. With the mystique about Jaylah's past gone, Krall's motivations explained, Sulu's husband revealed, Spock and Uhura's break up in a clip, and the final act shown in that TV spot, there doesn't seem to be much left to intrigue us when we see the film in its entirety. Here's hoping there are some surprises left in store for audiences, because the worst thing when you're settling down to watch a film is the sneaking feeling you already know what's coming.

Do you think the marketing for Beyond has revealed too much?

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