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(Warning: Very minor spoilers for Suicide Squad are ahead.)

Hello readers! Suicide Squad is quickly approaching with advance tickets starting to sell on Friday. Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn seems like a fan-favorite among the Squad's roster, as it is her first time appearing on the big screen. Her trip to live-action in Suicide Squad has meant making plenty of changes. No Brooklyn accent, no oversized wooden mallet, and definitely no red and black Jester outfit. However, Screen Rant stated in an article that her jester outfit was made for the film.

Costume designer Kate Hawley said she knew Harley's wardrobe was going to be the topic of discussion, and that the costume was on everyone's mind, including her own.

“The jester suit has such an amazing, powerful quality to it. And we built it, we built that, and we actually put it on Margot and she looked amazing, and there’s a moment [in the film] where there’s an homage made to that very garment. What happens though…We say we could do the paper doll book of Harley in terms of all the facets she could present to you, there’s so many elements and depth to her character. And we built stuff for scenes that aren’t here anymore, and things like that.”

Hawley also knew it was obvious that fan service and Easter Eggs were high priorities. And even though the details may have changed as the filming continued and editing saw even more aspects of the movie removed, fans can look forward to some meta references when Harley actually selects the costume she’ll wear for the movie’s mission:

“So there’s definitely an homage that was going to be a bigger moment, I’m not sure. Let’s wait and hold on because this film’s still filming and I’m sure it will continue for a while, and will keep changing [laughs]. They get given their mission outfits out of Belle Reve en route to this mission they’re on. And there’s a delightful scene, they’re all putting on their “murdering suits” as they call them, because when they put them on, people die. And Harley’s sitting there and you’ll see a moment where she’s pulling out all her corsets, so we quote every comic variation of her. It’s her dress-up box. And I feel sure, you know…I’m sure that Jester suit’s gonna come into it because none of us can leave it alone.”
Is the thing thrown by the trunk the jester suit???
Is the thing thrown by the trunk the jester suit???

It'll be nice to see a little nod to her classic costume, but her outfit in the film seems like a more "modern criminal" feel like The Joker. It's possible that when she first started the criminal lifestyle, this was her first costume. Then as Joker changed his appearance, she did as well.

Check out how to change your appearance to look like Harley in the video below:

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