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After the explosive finale of The Flash Season 2, the possibilities are endless for Season 3, especially now we know that the season will indeed adapt the game-changing DC Comic arc Flashpoint. The last month or so has seen a flurry of speculation from fans, and there are a few things we're almost bound to see — like Leonard Snart's return as the morally dubious anti-hero Citizen Cold — and now at least one of these plot points has been confirmed. Probably.

If you're a comic nut, or if you've been following The Flash news recently, you'll know that Wally West is a speedster himself — known as Kid Flash, Wally took up his uncle Barry's mantle. Ever since Wally's introduction to the show, fans have been wondering if he would eventually gain those superspeed powers he loves so much. Thanks to these new costume promos released by The CW, it looks like Season 3 is finally Kid Flash's time to shine.

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Wally's finally a speedster! [The CW]
Wally's finally a speedster! [The CW]

This is fantastic news, as Wally has long been a beloved speedster in the comics. It looks like his outfit is modeled after Barry's, which means Cisco probably designed it.

Obviously this has huge implications for the plot, and you can expect a slew of articles exploring every single option of what this means. But to put it briefly, it's unsure as to whether Wally's role as Kid Flash will happen in the new timeline or the old.

Wally's got a sweet new suit in 'The Flash' [The CW]
Wally's got a sweet new suit in 'The Flash' [The CW]

After all, we saw him caught up in the second particle accelerator explosion in Season 2, so is this Flash-suited version of Wally a remnant from this timeline? What about Jesse Wells — did the explosion turn her into a speedster too? Or is it Wally, and not Barry, who becomes the Flash after Barry's decision to save his mother created a new timeline? And what does that mean for Wally's comicbook showdown with Citizen Cold — will the two go head to head?

So many questions, so little time. For now, we can rest assured that Wally's going to play a major role in Season 3, and we can't wait to see how he adjusts to his new super speed!

Are you excited for Kid Flash in Season 3?

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