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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles may be world-renowned action heroes today, but they'd be nothing without their original animated series. The show made its debut in 1987 and brought the team to our TVs for 10 seasons — no small feat for an animated kids show.

Of course, the program's long and healthy run was supported by a slew of merchandise, toys and action figures. Playmates produced the original toys for the show, with designs ripped straight from the series alongside crazy alternate takes on the TMNT and their cohorts — creating plenty of fan-favorite toys from the era.

To celebrate the awesome collectibles, we're diving deep into the sewers to see just how much the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys are worth in 2016.

Note: We've determined our current selling prices based on listings from Amazon and eBay. You might find these toys listed for different prices elsewhere. And as always, value will vary based on condition of the item.

The Ninja Turtles — 1988 Basic Figures

Current Selling Price: $40 - $85 in box

You can't start a TMNT collection without some proper versions of the Turtles. And while Playmates made plenty of wild variations on the team (we'll get into those later), their first line of basic figures are the perfect starting point for your toy collection.

April O'Neil — 1988 Basic Figures

All newscasters should wear yellow jumpsuits.
All newscasters should wear yellow jumpsuits.

Current Selling Price: $10 - $250 in box

The Ninja Turtles probably wouldn't have come out of the shadows if it weren't for April O'Neil. April has always been their primary link to the world above their sewer home, and she of course got a figure based on her animated series look. Playmates produced a few variations of this early figure, with some of the rarer versions selling for much more money.

Shredder — 1988 Basic Figures

Shredder must be real cold without his body armor.
Shredder must be real cold without his body armor.

Current Selling Price: $25 - $55 in box

Shredder has always been the TMNT's fiercest nemesis, so you really had to have him in your toy collection. The first iteration of Shredder came with plenty of weapons as well as his signature flowing cape, but for whatever reason the master of the Foot Clan has no body armor. Clearly Shredder isn't worried about getting sliced by Leonardo's katana or stabbed by Raphael's sai, which is pretty badass.

Krang's Android Body

Current Selling Price: $200 - $2,000 in box

Shredder might be the most famous villain from the series, but his popularity is definitely rivaled by Krang — an evil alien warlord bent on dominating planet Earth. And considering his small stature, Krang built himself a giant android body to go mobile and terrorize the turtles. This figure stands at around a foot tall, making it an imposing addition to any Ninja Turtles collection. It's also considered one of the more rare Turtles figures, with pristine boxed copies selling for up to $2,000. You could even fetch up to $100 for a used, unboxed android.

Usagi Yojimbo — 1989 Basic Figures

Current Selling Price: $15 - $285 in box

The TMNT toy line featured plenty of the team's allies, but none were as awesome as Usagi Yojimbo. Usagi, whose name means "rabbit bodyguard" in Japanese, was a samurai warrior transported to the present from Feudal Japan. And while he initially conflicted with the turtles, the fighter become one of their greatest allies. The character actually comes from writer/artist Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo comics series, where his real name is Miyamoto Usagi.

Slam Dunkin' Don — 1991 Sewer Sports All-Star Turtles

Current Selling Price: $20 - $30 in box

Playmates' toys may have been based around the animated series, but plenty of figures strayed from the show's template. Take, for example, the Sewer Sports All-Star Turtles line, which cast our Heroes in a Half Shell as sports stars. Our favorite was Slam Dunkin' Don, who came complete with a green turtle ball and basketball hoop while rocking a jersey that no doubt paid homage to Michael Jordan.

Raph the Magnificent — 1992 Bodacious Birthday Turtles

Current Selling Price: $80 - $120 in box

Action figures have always been popular birthday gifts, so it's only natural that Playmates would make a line of TMNT figures dedicated exclusively to birthdays. Dubbed the "Bodacious Birthday Turtles," the three figure line included Leonardo decked out in a party hat, Michelangelo dressed as a clown, and of course Raph the Magnificent. This figure is easily the wackiest of the bunch, because as all Turtle fans know, the gruff Raphael would never do party tricks.

Giant Troll Turtles

Current Selling Price: $160 - $400 in box

Nobody asked for Troll Doll versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but that didn't stop them from being made. The animated TMNT were more kid-friendly than their comic book counterparts, but these dolls took that style in a bizarre direction. With their giant smiles, glowing green eyes and flowing locks, these turtles are straight-up creepy. Making matters worse, they came as giant troll dolls in addition to the traditional mini-sized versions.

Turtle Party Wagon/Mutant Attack Van

Time to hit the road and battle the Foot Clan!
Time to hit the road and battle the Foot Clan!

Current Selling Price: $40 - $100 in box

The TMNT were more than just ninjas — they were also seriously smart dudes. Okay, it was mostly Donatello's tech skills that gave the turtles their sweet gear, and his greatest creation was the Turtle Van. Marketed as the Turtle Party Wagon/Mutant Attack Van, the van provided the crew with a mobile command center and plenty of tools to help them fight crime across the city.

Turtle Blimp

Current Selling Price: $350 in box

Every so often the Turtle Van didn't provide enough firepower to take on the Foot Clan, and that's when the crew took to the skies in the Turtle Blimp. Yes, this behemoth actually appeared in the animated series, and yes, you could actually fly your own at home. And if you still have this one in good condition, you could sell it off for a nice price.

The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series may have spawned some of our most fondly remembered toys, bringing the show to life while creating some truly insane variations on the titular turtles and their fearsome foes. And with a successful new film franchise, we have no doubt that there will be plenty more TMNT toys to come.

Did you have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys when you were a kid? What were some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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