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Jay Garrick — or who we thought was Jay Garrick — spent the majority of The Flash Season 2 secretly terrorizing Central City. Only it wasn't actually Jay — it was Zoom a.k.a. Hunter Zoloman. Jay Garrick had actually been locked in Zoom's dungeon with an iron mask around his head to hide his identity. Turns out Jay Garrick was also the Earth-3 doppelganger for Barry's dad, Henry Allen.

When we left The Flash Season 2, Jay Garrick took Harry Wells and his daughter Jesse Quick back tp Earth-2 until he can find his way back to Earth-3. Soon after, Barry Allen changes everything by going back in time to save his mother's life, but in turn enacts the event known in the comics as Flashpoint. For Jay Garrick, the Flashpoint leads to a very grim fate.

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John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick.
John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick.

Jay Garrick In DC Comics' Flashpoint

Unfortunately, Barry's decision to save his mother leads to the death of his fellow speedster, Jay Garrick. In Flashpoint reality, Jay was killed when he inhaled the hard water vapors that originally gave him his super speed powers.

However, in the New 52 — the events following Flashpoint — Jay gets his speed a completely different way and basically becomes a demi-god of Earth-2. The god Mercury comes to a young, despondent Jay Garrick and gives him powers, citing the greatness within him. Mercury tells Jay that he is dying and that Earth is in great danger. Jay soon discovers his ability to run at the speed of light and runs into Hawkgirl, who he joins in fighting the new threat to Earth that Mercury spoke of.

New 52 Jay Garrick.
New 52 Jay Garrick.

What It Means For Jay Garrick On The Flash

Jay — along with Harrison Wells and Jesse Quick — were on Earth-2 when the show's version of Flashpoint hit. This doesn't mean he's safe. If the show follows the comics, Jay Garrick will not be alive in The Flash Season 3. However, I wouldn't bet money on that. Using Jay as Henry Allen's doppelganger was a calculated move by the writers. They wanted the character to remain alive within the Arrow-verse for a reason. We may see a powerless Jay Garrick dealing with the events of "Flashpoint," leading to a demi-god Jay in Season 4. All I know is with "Flashpoint," anything is possible!

Do you think Jay Garrick will be alive after in the "Flashpoint" reality in The Flash season 3? Comment below!


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