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I've already gone into what I think will happen if Ghostbusters is a failure at the box office, but now let's look at the other possibility. Because, even with the trailer backlash and still very present fan hate, Ghostbusters is still an incredibly strong brand, and the women fronting it are some of the most successful currently working in Hollywood, especially in the case of Melissa McCarthy (every mainstream film of hers since 2011 has opened with 20m+). Therefore, this all-female reboot, even with it's costly 154m budget, has a good chance at being profitable. With that it mind, let's look 5 things that will happen if Ghostbusters is a hit:

1. More All-Female Action Films

As many have pointed out, this Ghostbusters reboot is kind of a test dummy for how well just women can hold up a big budget action film. Although some have pointed out this really isn't the movie to be doing that, whether it sinks or flies will probably have a huge impact on how many of these types of movies we will get in the future. If the picture is a huge hit with the cast it has, then we can definitely look forward to many, many more female fronted action films in the future, because if there's one thing we can trust Hollywood to do, it's ape their successes. These films have been few and far between lately, with the "conventional box office wisdom" being that just women were unable to carry an action picture with a large budget. Sure, we're getting Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel in the future, but if this proves to movie studios that this "wisdom" is simply untrue, then many more are sure to be on the horizon, something that I'm sure this Ghostbusters film hoped to have achieved.

20th Century Fox, 2015
20th Century Fox, 2015

2. Bigger Roles For Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy, since 2011, has remained a genuine movie star, being able to pull in huge (for a comedy) 200m+ grosses for her films, even with terrible reviews. If this, her first mega budget offering, does well, it's going to be somewhat due to her box office drawing power. This will open so many doors for McCarthy, letting her take the Chris Pratt route of starring in a successful franchise revival and using that as jumping off point for their career. If this is a hit, I'm sure she could be a shoo-in for the all female Ocean's 11 reboot, as well as any franchise she wants, comedy or not. She'll go from funny-women draw to genuine A-Lister in Hollywood's eyes if she can pull this one off, so expect to be seeing a lot more of her in the near future if Ghostbusters can make bank.

Universal, 2015
Universal, 2015

3. Even More Nostalgia Reboots

Now, it's not like nostalgic reboots currently in development are in short supply, just looking at the upcoming film schedule for the next couple of years, and they make up a huge chunk of it all on their own, but if this Ghostbusters works, a project that has received vitriol and backlash from the very moment it was announced, that got over 927,000 thumbs down on its trailer, then really, anything can. If this film wins big, it will just give Hollywood more evidence that reboots of old properties are the best way to make sure-fire money, and I'm sure a dozen more, particularly from the 80's (as this is when the first Ghostbusters was released) will be announced. Not exactly a trend starter, but more a trend accelerator, this film will show Hollywood that nostalgic sequels/reboots are still the way to go.

4. Less Apologies For Fan Backlash

In my other article, I talked about how if this film fails, the backlash is going to be the thing primarily at blame, and therefore the studios will try and appease the fans more in the future. But if it's a hit, then the complete opposite is going to happen. If Ghostbusters, a film that holds the most disliked trailer of all time on Youtube, that has caused what I would argue is the most backlash ever for a reboot that we've seen, can become a hit, then who cares what the fans think? They clearly don't have an impact on the box office. Now this doesn't mean they're going to go crazy and release a Batman film where he murders all the criminals (oh wait) but it does mean these studios are going to stop apologising as much when the fans are angry, particularly when it's before a movie even comes out. We won't get a "Star Trek Beyond" style tweet from the cast, pleading the fans to not judge the film on this trailer they didn't enjoy, and just wait till it comes out. I'm sure the fans aren't going to very happy about this, but it honestly gives filmmakers more freedom with established franchises without the fear of upsetting the fans.

Sony, 2016
Sony, 2016

5. A More Experimental GBCU (Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe)

In terms of starting a Cinematic Universe, an all female reboot is quite a ballsy (sorry) move. All the perspective CU's we've seen so far have played it relatively safe, with the DCEU and MCU both starting with reasonably low-risk first outings. If this film fails, then the GBCU will be inclined to stick to safe and (I'm sorry to say) male fronted efforts, most likely putting out the proposed Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt film (although probably with a much lower budget than originally planned). If it it's a hit though, then the opposite may happen. We could get a Ghostbusters franchise that has the freedom to experiment with who it gives its Proton Pack's to. This can only be a good thing, as it let's the director chose whoever is best for the role, with no restrictions a regular franchise might have. This even might reflect along to other Cinematic Universes, as they could see this all female film hitting big and be inclined to try something similar. Again, this is only good news.

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