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Fifteen years ago, a petite blonde from LA with an affinity for pink and her chihuahua walked into the halls of Harvard Law for the first time and would change it forever. Elle Woods bent and snapped her way into theaters in 2001's Legally Blonde starring Reese Witherspoon and created a frenzy of blonde hair and pink feather pens around the nation. It showed the world that believing in yourself is the key to success, but a good manicure doesn't hurt.

Legally Blonde was sassy and smart, with Elle Woods winning over audiences around the world with her good girl faith and tight pink skirts. While watching Elle Woods grow up before our eyes on her journey to become a lawyer, there were many lessons to be learned. Legally Blonde was a romantic comedy, but it also shared a fair amount of notes on real-life societal issues — like adulting.

But if you follow the simple principles of the almighty Elle and Bruiser Woods, you just might make it out okay. Here's how Legally Blonde taught us about adult life:

Be Honest About Your Feelings

I wish I would have been this "honest" to my ex:

Expensive Shoes Always Take Priority

"You're going to ruin your shoes..."

*gets in car*

Your Manicurist Is The Only One You Can Trust

Everybody should have a Paulette in their lives.

There Is No Shame In Eating — Or Throwing — Your Problems Away When Adulting Gets Hard

This is me, except in a blanket fort.

Growing Up Means Being Realistic About Dreams

Repeat after me: "I don't need to diet, I'm going to be skinny!"

Always Present Yourself In The Most Professional Light — HD Camera Light

I object!

Be Nice To People Even When They Aren't Nice To You

And make sure you look good doing it!

Stand Up For Your Beliefs — And Your Four-Legged Friends

Nobody puts Paulette in a corner!

Trust Is The Most Important Commodity

Buns of steel ain't real.

Exercise Can Keep You From Killing Your Significant Other

Go to the gym today. It's the only way to keep everyone safe.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Remember that amazing night? This is so much better!

The Bend And Snap

Works every time! No, seriously. I use it to catch Pokemon.

Don't Feel Guilty About Your Subscription To Cosmo

Because it always comes in handy. Thanks, Cosmo Fall 2016 preview issue!

Against All Odds, Believe In Yourself

Ladies, get in formation.

See? Adulting can be easy, just be sure to keep your "bible" nearby. You never know when you will need to know the difference between the summer and spring collection!

We aren't the only ones celebrating Legally Blonde's big 15! Elle Woods a.k.a. Reese Witherspoon herself took to her social channels to ignite a celebration with her fans.

Reese called for Legally Blonde fans to post a photo or video of them doing or wearing anything that reminds them of the film, such as wearing pink or with their pet. If you post, be sure to use the hashtag to get noticed!

Thanks to Legally Blonde for 15 years of Elle Woods bending and snapping her way to our hearts.

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