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YouTube is one of the best creative outlets on the web. People from anywhere can make videos about anything and find people who agree with and enjoy their creations. One fandom with a huge YouTube presence is that of Disney/Pixar. People take these wonderful properties and create even more imaginative and entertaining content.

When it comes to amazing YouTube videos, some go viral and attract millions of views while other gems go unnoticed. Let's take a quick look at the best Disney-centric YouTube channels and videos. Some you've almost definitely seen, while you may have yet to discover the others.

11. 'Disney Songs In Their Native Languages'

Disney movies come from and take place in a wide variety of countries and settings. YouTuber Satu Westerholm was nice enough to create this wonderful little compilation of Disney dongs in their native languages. And I thought these songs were beautiful in English!

10. 'Women React To Realistic Disney Princess Waistlines'

BuzzFeedVideo has done a wide variety of videos focused on Disney. Many have found this one particularly clickable and I'm sure you can see why. Cartoons aren't always entirely realistic, but we love them and the nostalgic properties they possess nonetheless.

9. 'The Snow Queen Vs. Frozen'

Remember Frozen? It kind of took over absolutely everything for a good year and a half. Like most Disney princess films, Frozen is based on a fairy tale. YouTube channel LewToons did a great little comparison of Frozen, its Dollar Store counterpart The Snow Queen, and the original fairy tale by the same name.

8. 'Top 10 Underrated Female Disney Characters'

Have you heard of WatchMojo? They pretty much wrote the book on thumbnails and clickbait. Though I'm generally not a Mojo fan due to their occasional inaccuracies, I'm also a sucker for Top 10 lists. WatchMojo's female oriented channel, MsMojo, put together this list of underrated female Disney characters and I have to say, I pretty much agree with all of their choices!

7. 'Disney Princess Pool Party'

The Disney princesses are a major part of just about everyone's childhood. That's why videos showing the princesses in real life circumstances do so well. Some like this one, do 70 million views well. I think it's safe to say that Rclbeauty101 knows the perfect formula for an amazing Disney video!

6. 'Favorite Disney Movie (REACT: Opinions #1)'

The React Channel is one of the greatest YouTube channels ever in my opinion. In this video, reactors from React's various different series tell the audience about their favorite Disney movie. This video is ultimate proof of how diverse and different every human is, and yet in certain ways, we're all the same. We all love a good Disney movie.

5. 'Honest Trailers — Frozen'

You know that friend of yours that points out every single little flaw in a movie? Screen Junkies took that concept, threw in some of the wittiest comedy the internet can conjure, and created the fabulously popular Honest Trailers series. Their take on Frozen was one of their best videos yet and attracted over 28 million views!

4. Drunk Disney Series

You've probably never heard of Drunk Disney. It comes from the Practical Folks channel, which only has about 20,000 subscribers. While they may be relatively small compared to some of the other media giants on this list, Practical Folks creates some of the best comedy/miscellaneous fact videos on the web.

Drunk Disney is a series wherein "childless twenty-somethings get drunk and tell you what our Disney movie of the week teaches children." This series is incredibly witty and funny. The hosts are extremely endearing. These videos parody and mock your favorite Disney movies in a way that will make you need to see the movie again. Practical Folks, you're amazing, and maybe that's why I spent almost a whole day watching your brilliant creations.

3. 'After Ever After'

Considering the video has more than 60 million views, "After Ever After" may be some of the most creative political humor around. Creator Paint takes current issues and frames them into Disney princess stories. Using clever song parodies and current event references — well, they were very current in 2013 when the video was made — Paint tells the story that happens after the credits rolled on your favorite Disney films. Most kids will recognize the music, but I highly doubt they'll understand the humor. Any Disney fan above 15 will most likely love it.

2. 'Cinderella Vs. Belle: Princess Rap Battle'

Whitney Avalon has less than a million subscribers, yet her high quality princess rap battles reach into tens of millions of views. "Cinderella vs. Belle: Princess Rap Battle" is intelligent and creative. It pits two of Disney's most popular characters against each other in a royal battle royal. Sarah Michelle Gellar's Cinderella takes on Whitney's Belle and the burns are plentiful and brutal!

1. 'Bar 33: Princess First Dates!'

Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like if Disney characters went on realistic dates? YouTuber imSarahSnitch made a fantastic video showcasing Disney/Pixar characters dating in a bar. Her commentary on social status, social media, and basic human interaction is amazing and hilarious. Showing animated characters in the real world is one of my favorite things and this video accomplishes that very well.

There's a child inside every one of us who loves a good Disney movie. So many people take that love and transform it into something new that is incredibly challenging and complicated. Let's thank all of these amazing creative people for making Disney even better that it already is!

What is your favorite Disney YouTube video? Tell me in the comments!


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