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It has been 12 long years since we last visited Genovia and saw Princess Mia, but fans haven't forgotten the movies that shot star Anne Hathaway to fame. With whispers of a Princess Diaries 3 being kicked about, it isn't a matter of whether or not the fans or the stars want it to happen, which both director Gary Marshall and Anne have stated interest, but HOW it should happen. With so much having happened with Mia just in her first two movies, how could Hollywood possibly top the first two with Princess Diaries 3?

Go Back To The Beginning With Michael

At the end of the first film, Mia and Michael literally danced their way into a happy ending, with a "foot-popping" kiss. However, due to musician/actor Robert Schwartzman's touring schedule, he was unable to make the filming of the second movie, so a whole new story and two new suitors had to be brought in. While fans of the movies were OK with this, longtime book fans were not.

In the novels, while Michael and Mia had their ups and downs thanks to a few misunderstandings and jumping to conclusions, they ended up married with a child. It seems so strange that a movie so centered around a fairy tale could ignore what has clearly been true love from the beginning. The author even poked fun of the movies in passages in her books with lines like:

"Lily, Shameeka, Tina, Ling Su and Mia's List of Really Hot Guys:
...3. The really cute guy from the most recent telling of Mia's life (except none of what happened in that movie could ever happen in real life since Genovia is a principality and it doesn't matter if the heir is married or not. Plus [his band] is unlikely to get a record deal since most of its members are too busy getting college degrees/thirty-day sobriety chips to practice)"

Robert and Anne had an undeniable chemistry, and no one ever forgets the sweetness of their first love. One of the things that the series needs is to bring Michael back to woo his princess. The idea isn't completely far-fetched, as we know from Princess Diaries 2 that Mia and Lily are still best friends. A trip to Genovia with his sibling wouldn't be entirely out of the question, and it would be lovely to see him serenade her like his character did in the book, as the actor really is a singer in real life for the band Rooney. I think a remix of their song "When Did Your Heart Go Missing?" would be a perfect fit for the Princess Diaries 3 soundtrack.

Don't Forget Nicholas, However

The fact of the matter is, though, Mia has grown up and become an independent woman, a woman able to change the 100-year-old laws of her country with her poise and her compassion. The addition of Nicholas, and a brand-new story line in the sequel, threw a bit of a kink into the mix, but it would be silly to ignore the passion that he and Mia had together, especially since they both tried to fight it. He brings the history and culture and love of a country she has claimed as her own, as well as a future that she was thrust into but a partner who would know how to handle it well. While Chris Pine has since become one of Hollywood's hottest tickets, it would still be nice to see him return for Princess Diaries 3 and the franchise that launched his career.

Not Just Another Love Triangle

Unlike in the second movie where Mia had to rush to get engaged and married, she will have both history and time with the men in question. Her best friend's brother would be a complication, as Lily would be torn between her family loyalty and her best friend since childhood. Would Mia's heart yearn for the past and the promises made when she was young and in love, or would country and and a mature relationship prevail in this story telling? I think there is room for both romances to have a shot in Princess Diaries 3, and for the fans of both movies to have a fun little back and forth before it comes out about who would be the better prince for Mia. Just think of the marketing possibilities!

And hey, one of them already has stated that he would be up for doing another Princess Diaries film if the plot was good. Robert told Glamour earlier this year

"I’d have to see where they’re taking it. Like, what do you want to do with the story? What is this character now? What do you want it to be? It'd be cool to at least have the conversation about it if they want to do it.”

As someone who is a fan of both the movies and the book series — of which there are now sixteen novels — it is truly hard to say which I prefer, and which suitor I would choose in her position. Here is hoping that we can get everyone back on board for Princess Diaries 3 to see who Mia would choose, and find out what everyone has been up to!


Whose team would you be on in Princess Diaries 3?


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