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Lindsay Lohan, 30, has recently been making tabloid headlines for reportedly throwing her fiancé's phone in the sea before standing on a table to throw some more stuff around, namely plates. But there seems to be a better way to honor the recent start of her 31st year than delving too much into the ups and downs of her birthday celebration — let's look at her filmography instead, shall we?

Now, when you hear Lohan's name, your mind is probably instantly teleported back to the Parent Trap and Freaky Friday days, but there's more to her career than family-friendly Disney comedies. Below are six movies that I'm ready to bet had completely escaped your memory, if they ever made it in there at all.

1. Bobby, 2006

In Bobby, the story of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination in 1968 is intertwined with the lives of other people staying at the hotel where he was shot. Lohan plays Diane, a young woman who marries her boyfriend so he won't have to go to war in Vietnam. Her performance won her the award for Breakthrough Actress at the 2006 Hollywood Film Awards.

2. Chapter 27, 2007

Seemingly hooked on historical assassination tales, Lohan starred alongside an unrecognizable Jared Leto in Chapter 27, the adaptation of Mark David Chapman's obsession with John Lennon that eventually lead to his murder.

3. I Know Who Killed Me, 2007

Here's another pattern in Lohan's filmography: playing doubles. This mindfuck of a movie sees Lohan as a teenager who disappears — only to be found two weeks later with another personality inside her body. Is it a strange case of alter ego, or could there be a freakier reason behind this impossible identity crisis?

4. Georgia Rule, 2007

Who doesn't want to watch a trio of wrecked women played by Jane Fonda, Lindsay Lohan and Felicity Huffman in some sort of generational drama set in the American middle-of-nowhere? Lohan plays a young girl with a secret who stays with her grandmother for the summer.

5. Labor Pains, 2009

What do you do when you've told everyone you're pregnant, but the bump under your shirt is actually just a pillow and there's no sperm in sight? It's a bit like the opposite problem of Bridget Jones, whose upcoming Bridget Jones's Baby sees her let two different men believe that they're the lucky daddy.

6. InAPPropriate Comedy, 2013

It's a bit hard to look at Lohan when most of your brain is trying to figure out how Adrien Brody ever ended up playing in this movie. Add to that the fact that the plot is based on mini-stories taking place within the apps of a computer tablet, and... I don't know.

What's your favorite Lindsay Lohan movie?


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