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Today, model-turned-actor Colton Haynes turns 28, giving us a nice excuse to stare at pictures of his beautiful self while learning a few random facts about the Arrow and Teen Wolf star. Now that he's proudly come out as a member of the LGBT community and as a person suffering from anxiety, you may think you know all his lovable secrets, but there's still so much more you need to find out about our beloved hottie.

Celebrating my bday with @voguemagazine @allymaki @travisatreo & . Wouldn't have it any other way :) Feeling so blessed

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1. There's No Place Like Home

Our Glades hero is in fact a Kansas native, where he was born on July 13, 1988. He didn't stay there too long as his family was constantly moving around, bouncing from Kansas, to Arkansas, to New Mexico, to Florida, to Texas, and now he lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Colton's social media accounts show how often he travels, but also that no matter where he's at, he's a family guy who lived out his years of rebellion on farms with his older brother and two sisters.

“When I say ‘wild,’ I mean we were these free-spirited kids, my parents these free-spirited hippies, so I did whatever I wanted to do and I think that got [rebellion] out of the way. We were running around the farm as kids, naked with animals, being free. It was fun.”

2. His Peers In High School Were Basically Psychics

In case u thought it couldn't get any worse...yet another from my vault of embarrassment :) I used to tell ppl I was from Roswell, New Mexico & my alien friends would abduct them if they didn't stop making fun of me...I was obviously super popular of course............

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Take a fair guess as to what his High School superlative was... No it wasn't most gorgeous eyes, hottest bod, or best sense of humor — although those are all fair guesses. The answer you're looking for is "Most Likely To Succeed." Did someone cheat with a crystal ball? Because his peers could not have been more on point.

3. His Transition From Model To Actor Was Legitimized In CSI: Miami

Colton Haynes As Brandon Fox In CSI:Miami/CBS
Colton Haynes As Brandon Fox In CSI:Miami/CBS

Colton Haynes was a professional model at age 15, when he got signed with DNA Model Management. He would spend his summers in NYC to focus on his modeling career. Obviously with those good looks, he was successful and appeared in ads for Abercrombie & Fitch, JC Penney, Kira Plastinina, and Ralph Lauren. His acting breakthrough was in 2007 when he made made an appearance on the CBS crime show, CSI: Miami as Brandon Fox in Season 6 Episode 4 "Bang, Bang, Your Debt."

4. Roy Harper Will Reappear In Season 5 Of Arrow


Arrow fans were devastated to see the departure of Colton Haynes from The CW show. While we could not be more proud of the actor for prioritizing his health over his career, we are glad to hear Haynes is feeling better enough to return to the show. He admitted we could expect him in the upcoming season of Arrow, so don't lose hope on our Roy Harper just yet.

5. He's Pretty Good At Martial Arts Kicks

My bud @curtbrac teachin me how to butterfly kick...I think I broke my hip

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Obviously we have seen Colton Haynes kick a$s as Red Arrow/Arsenal in Arrow. However, in Hollywood, it can be tricky to tell what is authentic and what is done by a stunt double. In this mini video, Haynes picks on himself, but his butterfly kick is actually quite impressive. Looks like his martial arts skills aren't too bad after all...

6. The Man Has An Impressive Set Of Vocal Chords


Because Colton Haynes isn't enough of a threat for young Hollywood actors out there, he needs to have that one extra thing to blow away the competition. That's right, he can sing too, and well for that matter. He has a deep voice with a country music style. A big lover of Christmas, you can find his holiday song "Baby It's Christmas" on iTunes.

7. He Hasn't Just Been In His Own Music Videos


If you take a good look, you'll notice Colton Haynes appear in a few random music videos. In April 2007, Haynes starred in "I Don't Love You' by My Chemical Romance, directed by Marc Webb. He also played Leona Lewis's boyfriend in "Trouble" in September 2012. That's not all, he appeared in Victoria Justice's music video "Gold" (July 2013) and in Andy Grammer's "Honey, I'm Good" (Dec. 2014).


8. Colton Haynes Can Juggle Both Lemons And A Website


If you're a fan of Colton Haynes — which of course you are because you're only human and you've made it to N. 8 on this list — than you'll be psyched to learn that he has launched his own website "not to be confused with [his] brand that's launching at the end of the year."

On you can purchase "super limited edition stuff," in other words shirts, baseball caps, posters, and phone cases. The website has been a tremendous success and everything is already sold out until August 1st.

9. Colton Haynes Is A Costume Genius

Colton Haynes Costumes/Via Instagram
Colton Haynes Costumes/Via Instagram

The above pictures speak for themselves. Colton Haynes certainly doesn't mess around when it comes to embracing a character. This is the guy you want around on Halloween, or any themed party, or any other day of the year for that matter. At least Disney knows who to cast as Princess Fiona for a live-action Shrek movie.

10. He's A Self-Proclaimed Tennis Player

Colton Haynes/Instagram
Colton Haynes/Instagram

Haynes's Instagram account is full of pictures of him playing tennis. In his junior year, he won "Gatorade Player of the Year" Award in tennis. Although he's very talented at it, he constantly jokes about his tennis abilities, with social media captions such as:

"In my head... I win the US Open final every yr...tell me otherwise and u will be broken [. . .] I can now say I'm a pro tennis player and no one can take that away from me or tell me otherwise... I have proof!!!!"

11. ... And A Self-Proclaimed Winter Olympics Gold Medalist In Ice Dancing

Photo cred: @mcgleich . Preparations for ice dancing gold @ the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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You'll find that the wannabe-pro-tennis-player is also a wannabe-Winter-Olympics-ice-dancer. Similar to his tennis pics, you'll find some photos of his ice skating skills scattered throughout his Instagram profile, accompanied by funny captions as per usual.


A photo posted by Colton Haynes (@coltonlhaynes) on

12. Speaking Of Ice, Colton Haynes Could Have Been As Cold As A Vampire

Edward Cullen (Top) & Colton Haynes/Summit Entertainment/Instagram
Edward Cullen (Top) & Colton Haynes/Summit Entertainment/Instagram

Colton Haynes was one of the options to play the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight (2008). Despite what could only have been a perfect audition, Robert Pattinson got the role. Those broody eyes used on Roy Harper make it easy to picture him as Cullen. Haynes already starred amongst the wolves in Teen Wolf, so it's pretty easy to envision him in a family of vamps. Taylor Lautner vs Colton Haynes... Now that's a pretty picture.

"It would have been fun to be on 'Twilight' [but] I was a little young to be thrust into something so intense at a young age can be kind of be damaging to you ... Robert Pattinson was way better than me so that's why he got it. He's a class act, one of the nicest guys. He's taken all the fame and used it in a good way instead of just become a socialite."

13. Colton Haynes Is Not Only Kind, But Hilarious

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

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This actor may focus on supernatural and action-filled roles, but he should definitely give comedy a try. If you don't already follow Colton Haynes on social media, than you are depriving yourself of a daily income of laughter. This kid is hysterical and you'll be chuckling with each scroll of his page.

Do you know any other random facts about Colton Haynes?

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