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Warning: This post features extremely gory images and is very NSFW.

So you've seen the worst "vomit gore" in the history of horror movies. You sat through the disturbing scenes of A Serbian Film. You watched that Irreversible movie you can't take back. And of course you cringe-binged The Bunny Game, Audition and the original Maniac. You are the definitive horror buff!

Maniac, Irreversible, A Serbian Film, Audition
Maniac, Irreversible, A Serbian Film, Audition

Giving Your Expert Gore Score

While the movies listed above are generally considered the world's go-to bloodbaths, you won't see them here. Instead you're about to feast upon a few spine-chilling scenes from lesser-known movies. Each of these scenes were chosen with the following factors in mind:

  • Severity and brutality of violence
  • Degree of psychological Impact
  • Length of gruesome onslaught
  • Overall volume of blood and gore

If you are over 18, not pregnant and able to keep your food down, watch the following gruesome videos. Each one provides excessive levels of gore, blood and torture. But be warned, some of them go on and on in very disturbing ways. After watching each video, give it your expert gore score and see which scenes get the highest ratings.

Scene 1: Bone Tomahawk

Have you ever watched a man get sliced and ripped in half lengthwise? Prepare yourself. Click play and turn up the volume so you can hear the ripping of flesh and bones. I give you the most graphic scene in the western horror movie Bone Tomahawk.


I gave it Two out of Five. How many skulls would you give it?

Scene 2: Grotesque

In this Japanese horror film a doctor kidnaps two star-struck lovers and tests just how far love can take them. Apparently, they love each other to pieces. I present a "slaughter of love" from the movie Grotesque.


I gave it Three out of Five. How many skulls would you give it?

Scene 3: High Tension

This French movie is called High Tension with an American title of Switchblade Romance. The scene thumbnail features a girl with a barbed-wire bat. And she wields it so well, you'll stop wondering why Lucille (TWD) was named after a woman.


I gave it Three out of Five. How many skulls would you give it?

Scene 4: Gini Piggu 2: Flower Of Flesh And Blood

Gini Piggu 2 (Guinea Pig 2). No one does "over the top'" gore like the Japenese. This is a snuff film, plain and simple. Although the more sick at heart could call it an artwork of torture. I'm guessing the writer saw it as such considering the title Flower of Flesh and Blood. You'll never look at rose-red the same again.


I gave it Four out of Five. How many skulls would you give it?

Scene 5: Dard Divorce

Dard Divorce is a German-made splatter film that does not leave much to the imagination. You won't see the camera veer away from blood sources in this movie. Never underestimate what a criminal organization will do for drugs and money. In the end, they're all on the road to hell.


I gave it Five out of Five. How many skulls would you give it?

It is important to note that these scenes are considered to be among the most violent and gory sequences in the film industry. Whether rating them one skull or five, the gore score meter is set at "hardcore."

Which movie clip made you look away?


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