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Today marks the third anniversary of the tragic passing of Canadian actor Cory Monteith, best known for his role as Finn Hudson on the Fox musical dramedy Glee. Let's remember Cory in the only way us Glee fans know how — through song. Let's take a look back at Finn's greatest musical moments from during his time on the show.

'Jessie's Girl'

Finn sang "Jessie's Girl" to Rachel during the first season — highlighting the versatility of Moteith's vocal chords, the song had a harder edge than anything he'd previously sung. Moreover, the lyrics were more than appropriate because Rachel was dating Jesse St. James at the time — it was one of those rare musical moments when the song was so appropriate for the storyline that it might as well have been written for this exact Glee moment.

The intensity of the performance was awesome — Finn wanted everyone to know that he wanted Rachel. Even though Monteith appeared on four seasons of the show, his Season 1 performance of "Jessie's Girl" is arguably his greatest.

'Just The Way You Are'

During the second season, Kurt became the victim of extreme bullying and Finn never really attempted to intervene. At Burt and Carol's wedding, Finn promised his "brother from another mother" that he would look out for him from now on before singing "Just the Way You Are" in Kurt's honor.

The moment was special, marking the culmination of their previous Season 1 arc. This episode, appropriately titled "Furt", began a new chapter in their relationship by forming a brotherhood that would continue for subsequent seasons. It's one of the greatest Glee moments and Monteith did a great job with the vocals.

'Losing My Religion'

One of Finn's greatest musical moments occurred during the second season episode "Grilled Cheesus." Although the episode contained many humorous moments, the theme of episode was very much about faith — or more aptly, the loss of faith.

Monteith's vocals were outstanding on "Losing My Religion" and he even managed to emulate some of the awesome notes from the original, sounding a little like R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe.

'Not The End'

Although Monteith recorded this song for Glee's "Graduation Album," it was not used in the graduation-centric Season 3 finale. The lyrics signify an ending, while reminding us all that it's not truly the end — perhaps this sentiment is even more appropriate now. The song is a tear-jerker and, as with all the Glee greats, it's full of heart. "Not the End" remains one of Finn's greatest solos and unfortunately extremely underrated.

'I've Gotta Be Me'

Finn was not a great dancer — this we all knew. However, in the super extended Season 2 episode "Born This Way" — widely considered to be one of the best episodes — Finn had no issue highlighting his lack of dance ability, dancing alongside extremely talented dancer Mike Chang.

It was a moment that made us love the awkward Finn — and Monteith — even more and the performer's voice mixed with this classic tune was a perfect blend. Easily one of the greatest moments of the second season.

Forever missed.
Forever missed.

Glee may be over, but what the cast accomplished with their music will live on forever. Monteith will never be forgotten as he got the rare opportunity to touch so many people by being part of one of the most legendary TV shows of all time.

Relive the iconic musical moment where it all began:

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