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Who wouldn't love seeing that naked picture of Seth Rogen pop up on their feed, his hairy man-shoulders fluttering in the breeze? That picture, every day, since May 26...O.K. internet, that's enough for today. This is the maddening work of @SamePhotoOfSeth, a Twitter account which has been posting a nude Rogen every day!

The shot comes from Rogen and James Franco's spoof of Kanye Wests's "Bound 2", ironically dubbed "Bound 3". Why this picture was selected, no one knows, but we are guessing it is the rugged Brokeback Mountain setting which spurred the troll on. It appears that the Pineapple Express and Knocked Up star has been left lost for words and remained tight-lipped on his current internet trolling...until now.

After 49 tweets and the account gaining 1,900 followers (and counting), something somewhere in the psyche of Seth Rogen has snapped. He has tweeted the account with a desperate plea on July 8...with still no response:

We have all had our fun and the Twitterverse seems to be enjoying @SamePhotoOfSeth, but trolling is no laughing matter! Just ask Poot Lovato!

As everyone from Jonah Hill to Kanye West becomes a suspect, we are still no closer to finding out who is behind @SamePhotoOfSeth. My personal bet is on Katherine Heigl - we know she has beef with the curly-haired comedy genius!

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