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Over the past week the internet has been abuzz with news that the hotly anticipated Digimon Adventure Tri will be dubbed and made available for English speaking viewers around the world. In the meantime, our phones are buzzing with new discoveries on Pokemon Go. So let's be very honest, its a good time to be a fan of these little monsters, whether digital or pocket. But in my heart, Digimon will forever be my favourite of mine- the plot and characters are just too awesome to ignore. For fans of the old anime, the strongest and mightiest Digimon issue is such a hot a topic that even Birdramon would find it hard to handle. But, a story and its heroes are only as great as their foes. So, I present to you the 10 foes that gave the Digidestined a real run for their Digidollers.

10) Dragomon

You might not recognise Dragomon, but he appeared in a total of two episodes in Digimon Adventure 02. The ruler of the Dark Ocean, him and his slimy little minions put Kairi and T.K through quite an ordeal. He didn't make it any easier for Ken and Yolei, who got trapped in the dark dimension. Having caused quite a lot of havoc without actually lifting a slimy tentacle makes Dragomon worthy of the list. I just wish they had followed up little more on the Dark Ocean plot, it really had potential!

9) Devimon

The first dark Digimon to cross the paths of Tai and the gang, Devimon barely left our heroes alive. Caught unawares and with their digimon running low on energy, things looked pretty bleak for our young heroes. Thank the digigods that Patamon chose that moment to evolve to Angemon and really give Devimon a taste of the digidestined powers. Sadly, winning this battle didn't come without a price...

8) Alphamon

The big bad of the 15th anniversary Digimon movies, he can pack quite a punch, literally. Forcing the digidestineds' digimon to digivole to new levels, with time, this monster may prove to deserve a higher ranking on this list.

7) Lord Bagra

As Leader of the Bagra army, Lord Bagra tried to enslave the digital world as well as the real one. Having been the main enemy for Mikey and the Fusion Fighters, Bagramon proved to be a most formidable foe. Almost succeeding in remodelling the Digital World into a hellish wasteland Mikey and Shoutmon had to pull out all their cards to beat him.

6) Lucemon

Capable of wielding both light and dark, Lucemon had quite a bone to pick with the digital world. After being trapped in the Dark Area and having years to fester in his rage, he came up with what seemed to be an unstoppable plan to conquer both the Digital and Human World. It took Takuya and his fellow Digidestined all they learnt during their travels to defeat the deceitful Lucemon and save both worlds, friendships and ties were really tested and put to their limits.

5) D-Reaper

Not really a Digimon, the D-Reaper is also known as the True Enemy in Tamers. The D-Reaper was created by the USA in the 1970s to purge the digital world from Digimon. However, it entered a hibernation state and the data influx it created was then used by Digimon to digivolve. It was because of this data usage that the D-Reaper did eventually reactivate to purge the digital world. It kidnapped the lovable Jeri in an attempt to learn more about humans. It was only the biomerged tamers and digmon that stood even a stub of a fighting chance. It was only after half the Digital World was destroyed did the Tamers finally defeat this monstrosity.

4) Kurata

The only human on my list, Akihito Kurata was the main antagonist in Digimon Data Squad. His one true aim was to become the ultimate Monarch of the Earth, the Digi-World and the universe, so everyone would kneel down before him. Making use of the digimon he once feared, Kurata created a digimon to ravage the Digital World and caused a massacre of Digimon. It took all the Data Squad had to stop him but even after his destruction, both the Digital and Human Worlds were left on the verge of destruction.

3) Myotismon

A dark digimon who just kept on coming- surviving three deaths and emerging in three unbelievably powerful forms- it took a whole world of digidestined to finally bring him down. Enslaving the people of Tokyo in the time of the original digidestined and causing the second generation to scour the earth for more digidestined that's what it took to finally bring him down.

2) Piedmon

Clowns are a source of nightmares for many people in the world and what's scarier then a dark clown digimon who uses party tricks to turn you into a keychain for all eternity? Piedmon comes a close second on my list, having been a digimon which really cooked the original digidestineds' geese and might have brought them to an untimely end. Not even the almighty Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon could stop him! The digidestined had to pull out their tramp card just to defeat this one!

1) Mysterious Digimon Adventure Tri villain

The villain to come first on my list, as yet, has no name. The mysterious virus which made it's appearance in Digimon Adventure Tri: Determination is capable of infecting good digimon and turning them evil. Although some of the characters believe that the source of this infection is the newbie digimon, Meicoomon it is one of many mysteries in Digimon Tri. And with the synopsis of the upcoming Digimon Adventure Tri : Confession revealing that fan favourite, Patamon, is also infected. I really hope we get answers, and soon. (Also why is it also Patamon who get the short straw?)

Just as the digimon sovereigns said, the greater the light, the deeper the shadows. Just as our digimon heroes grow and become even more powerful and awesome, so do their foes. I can only imagine what horrible and dangerous monitors lie in store in the future of everyone's favourite digidestineds.


Who was the Digidestineds' greatest foe?


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