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There are some people that think the X-Men franchise are doing extremely well in terms of profit -- and you're not entirely wrong. Deadpool did extremely well at the box office, and so did X-Men: Days of Future Past. Do you know how well X-Men: Apocalypse is currently doing at the box office? Well, they still haven't past the original X-Men in domestic gross. Simply, Fox is no Marvel Studios and the X-Men are no Avengers.

X-Men (2016)
X-Men (2016)

Let's really think about it: Fox has Deadpool and Wolverine. I know we're all fans of other characters, and given a chance they could turn out to do stellar numbers at the box office. But guess what? That's extremely risky in today's superhero's business. It's not like Fox has the box office trust of Marvel Studios. I mean really; who would have ever thought Ant-Man was a bankable superhero?

Most us of know that a Terrigen Bomb went off in the comics. That bomb sterilized Mutants and are almost making them obsolete in the current landscape of Marvel Comics (There are still a lot of X-Men comics though.). Also, have you read the new Fantastic Four comic (there are none)? The more you really think about it, the more you realize that we're going to see Mutants in Marvel's MCU sooner rather than later.


Thank you Sony! Spidey's back!
Thank you Sony! Spidey's back!

Sony made a deal with Marvel Studios that Sony retain the rights, and Marvel can use Spider-Man in their films. Sony receives all the profits from Spidey's solo movies, and subsequently Spider-Man can appear in other movies.

I don't know why Fox wouldn't want to do this? They have so many characters that could constitute their own movie, plus all the X-Men movies -- this just seems too good to pass up. Also, we could see numerous characters joining The Avengers.

Who knows, maybe they could find an obscure team like the Suicide Squad and hit it big -- as along as DC doesn't mind parting ways with the Joker for a movie. Because without the Joker -- Suicide Squad wouldn't be the most buzzed about movie of the summer.


This is simple: When Infinity War is over, and the world is rebuilt -- you could now have Mutants in Marvel's MCU (The Reality Gem!). And yes, this might be confusing for some people, but we trust that Marvel could make this work!

Let me reiterate: Fox is not selling the rights back to Marvel, but they'll work out a deal that will allow characters from both sides to crossover! Trust me, I understand how this could get a little crowded, but guess what -- it's already a clusterf*ck of superhero movies.


Let's talk about what we might see, and yes -- there's one huge factor that's already pissing me off writing this -- Deadpool would have to be tamed down. Also, we won't see another blood soaked movie from Wolverine. This is the only bad thing that comes out of this deal. Honestly, I still think it's worth it!

I could be wrong and Disney will allow Fox's solo projects to be as bad as they want to be -- but I doubt it. Hey, at least we're about to get an amazing ending for Jackman's last portrayal of my third-favorite character!

So, after reality is back to normal, there's one thing they didn't expect: Mutants. I can't wait to see X-23 (Wolverine) go against Black Widow, or Scarlet Witch seeing Quicksilver! Y'see, the only person who'd remember the time before would be person who changed everything back (and us).

So, to everyone else this is how life was. I would have the Mutants be some underground group of people that were there at all these events, but they didn't want the world to notice them. This means that everything that has happened is still part of continuity! I think this would be crazy not to do this. How will Scarlet Witch react to Quicksilver?

Check out the possible battles we would see the first time they meet one another.

  • Wolverine & X-23 vs. Captain America & Black Panther
  • Beast vs. Bucky
  • Deadpool vs. Spider-Man
  • Mystique vs. Black Widow
  • Jean Grey vs. Scarlet Witch
  • Storm vs Captain Marvel.... and many more


There are so many possibilities and it might actually happen after the last Avengers movie in Phase III. I can almost guarantee that Wolverine 3 and Deadpool 2 will be huge hits, but I don't know about the rest. Also, this could lead to too many movies, but I firmly believe that all Marvel characters should be under the banner of Marvel Studios. Hey, Spider-Man is back where he belongs; therefore anything is possible!



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