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The musical power couple Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris disbanded over a month ago, but the media spotlight is still hovering closely over the remains of their relationship. Despite their heartbreak, both couples seem to be doing well post-breakup.

R.I.P. love
R.I.P. love

Taylor Swift has gone on to (very publicly) tour the world with her swoon-worthy actor boyfriend Tom Hiddleston. Meanwhile, Calvin Harris continues to be a world-famous DJ, currently reveling in the success of his recent collaboration with Rihanna, "This Is What You Came For."

The plot thickened, however, after Taylor Swift's reps announced that Harris is somewhat indebted to the star as she wrote the lyrics for the hit song. This morning, tensions seemed to boil over when Harris took to Twitter to vent about Swift's decision to share this information in a negative light.

Grab your popcorn, people.
Grab your popcorn, people.

Everything started out harmless enough. In fact, after People wrote about the news, Harris went on to commend her for her musical talents. As far as online interactions with exes usually go, Harris's was on the respectful and friendly side of the spectrum:

A few minutes later, he clarified that while she did write the lyrics and sing in the background, that he and Rihanna still did the bulk of the creative grunt work.

Then, Harris revealed that he was hurt his ex and her publicity team would take fire at him and his new single. To be fair, Harris never — as far as I know — tried to take full credit for the song or forced Swift to act under a pseudonym.

This emotional revelation seems to be the turning point in his rant. Harris's argument quickly shifts and takes aim at Swift and her romance with her British beau.

And then, as if there needed to be any more fuel added to this fire, Harris goes on to drag Katy Perry — a longtime Swift frenemy and subject of her song "Bad Blood" — into the mix. Clearly battle lines have been drawn, and Harris has seemingly declared his allegiance to Team Perry.

Not to mention his not-so-subtle use of the capital ETC, implying Swift's beef with Perry might be only one of her many feuds. Or maybe I'm reading too much into this.

Harris then asks Swift to focus on her own life — a reasonable request — and ends things on a more positive note.

In one fell swoop/Twitter rant, Calvin Harris managed to compliment Taylor Swift, call out her team of cutthroat media tactics, accuse her attempting to "Katy Perry" him, and still remind her just how incredible and amazing her life is. And all before 9:30 in the morning.

A little later, Katy Perry responded to Harris's tweets with an appropriate Hillary Clinton reaction GIF.

Well, it looks like the war wages on between Taylor and her squad and Katy and her Left Shark. At least now she has Calvin in her corner.

As is the case with all celebrity gossip, the whole thing is a bit of he said/she said, and we'll likely never really know what's going on between these two. But as it stands, Calvin Harris is done acting as Taylor Swift's public punching bag.


Do you think Calvin Harris is being dramatic or are his concerns totally valid?

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