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By now, we should already know that when horror producers claim to hold the key to our deepest fears, they usually don't. Typically the hype and anticipation leaves us with exactly what we were promised, a "deeply unsettling feeling" otherwise known as utter disappointment. Then again, sometimes we are pleasantly surprised and end up with a movie so truly horrifying, that we are left aching for more, which we get, over and over again, until the next terrifying idea emerges. That might just be the case with Lionsgate's newest horror film, The Woods. While the trailer looks like something we have seen countless times, the below image seems to indicate that the critics know something we don't.

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Without an official synopsis, The Woods is depending on a vague trailer, a few quotes, and a short writeup on Facebook to keep fans intrigued:

One of the scariest movies in decades, 'The Woods' reinvents horror with a completely fresh and terrifying take on the genre.

Even Director, Adam Wingard (You're Next, The Guest) himself has been promoting the film while avoiding any actual details.

The Woods is already being compared to The Blair Witch Project, Cabin In the Woods, and Evil Dead, with some speculating possible hidden connections to the aforementioned films. The trailer leads me to believe that it may actually be going in a very different direction. While a paranormal explanation seems like the most obvious conclusion, it's also extremely played out, not to mention boring at this point. The promise of "something evil hiding in the woods" could potentially mean anything. Some of the most disturbing, and unique horror films actually focus more on the horrendous acts that humans are capable of, than paranormal phenomenon. The little that we are given from the preview reads more like a combination between The Hills Have Eyes and The Descent, which would absolutely be "A nightmare of classic proportions" as Time Out New York's Joshua Rothkopf puts it. One thing is for sure: It's going to be dark, and chilling.

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What We Know So Far

The "found footage" film follows a group of college students who decide to ignore the cliche warning sign at the entrance of the woods and go camping in said woods. Soon, they discover that they are not alone (whatever that means), and "shit your pants" horror ensues. While that doesn't tell us much, this visual alone is enough to make me want to see more!

Source: Lionsgate, Facebook: The Woods
Source: Lionsgate, Facebook: The Woods

The Woods is set to release September 16th, so until then I will be impatiently waiting to see the scariest movie ever!

Check out the official trailer below:

Are you prepared for The Woods?


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