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If you're anything like me, you've been suffering Game Of Thrones withdrawal since Season 6's literally explosive finale left us with a huge gap in our weekly diaries. What are we supposed to do now on Sunday nights (or Monday nights, if you're in the UK)?

Source: HBO
Source: HBO

I was at a Game Of Thrones-less loose end when I was flicking through channels and stumbled across an image of Ned Stark in the woods. What was this? Were Game Of Thrones repeats suddenly airing on backwater digital channels?

Nope, is the simple answer. It was nothing to do with Game Of Thrones at all (well, maybe a little bit). What I had seen a glimpse of was a trailer for a new British sitcom called Wasted, starring Sean Bean as himself. Well, kind of. He's playing himself, as Ned Stark, but also with a little bit of Boromir in the mix. Take a look at what I'm talking about below:

So there you go. Sean Bean, as Ned, appears as the main characters (presumably hallucinatory) spirit guide. Well, like I said, Bean isn't exactly playing Ned Stark. In an interview with Channel 4, he explained:

According to Bean, the comedy — though scripted — still featured plenty of improvisation and was "as much fun as it looks" to film. Wasted has not aired yet, but is described as a sitcom "essentially about the stupid things you end up doing when there's nothing to do."

Wasted is set in the West Country and features the misadventures of main character Morpheus, a conspiracy theorist who runs a mystical souvenir shop, and his 20-something friends, all of them wasting their lives — at least until spirit guide Sean Bean turns up.

The show is written and conceived by Cuckoo scribes James Lamont and Jon Foster, who are in successful in getting Hollywood royalty to appear on the small screen — they convinced Andy Samberg and Taylor Lautner to cross the pond to star in the BBC sitcom (Cuckoo), and now have persuaded Bean to forgo drama for a knockabout comedy.

So if you're still pining for Game Of Thrones, Wasted might help scratch that itch just a little with a bit of imaginary Ned Stark. Let's just hope Ned fares better in the West Country than Westeros:

Yeah, sorry to remind you of that.

'Wasted' will be airing in the UK on the E4 channel later this month.

(Sources: Channel 4)


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