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Let's face it — we all love scary doll movies. And secretly, don't we wish we could have an evil toy of our own? I know I do. And now we're in luck! We get not one, but two ways to scar our personal lives in ways only dolls can.

In 1988, the movie Child's Play unleashed one of the most famous killer dolls in movie history — Chucky!

The movies have become basically comedies over the years, but the original Chucky, the Good Guy Doll that was possessed by the soul of a serial killer, was nothing to play around with. Here's the trailer that started it all:

Well, the geniuses over at Mezco Toyz have decided to help out our nightmares by creating a realistic, 15" scaled version of the original Chucky.

Here's how Mezco describes the doll:

Before he became possessed by the spirit of Charles Lee Ray — a serial killer better known as "The Lakeshore Strangler" — Chucky was just a harmless Good Guys doll. His face not yet scarred, his clothes not yet bloodied, Chucky appears cheerful and ready for fun.
Our designers have created an all-new head sculpt that perfectly captures his look in the popular film series, including his bright red hair, his wide-eyed innocence, and his cheerful smile. Every detail of his iconic outfit has been replicated, from his classic coveralls and shirt to the unique imprint of the soles on his sneakers.

But Wait! There's More!

If you prefer your scary dolls to be little girls, Mezco has you covered, as well!

Everybody remembers Annabelle, the darling doll that had a creepy cameo in The Conjuring, and then got her very own movie in 2014.

Like it or not, Mezco has just made your bedtime terrifying by developing an 18" scale doll from the movie.

Here's how Mezco talks about Annabelle:

From her sinister grin to the malevolent gleam in her dead eyes, no detail has been overlooked. Mezco’s award-winning design team has captured every nuance of Annabelle‘s frightening visage. Mezco’s Annabelle doll stands 18" tall and features rotocast head, hands, and feet. Her torso, legs, and arms are screen-accurate plush. With her film-matched clothing and rooted hair you will swear she stepped right out of the silver screen!
Annabelle, the sinister conduit to the damned, comes complete in a collector-friendly window box that may help keep the malevolent entity the cultists conjured contained…then again, it may not.

Note: At the time of publication, both dolls are currently on pre-order; they have not yet been released. They are scheduled to ship in late summer or fall of 2016.

You can order Chucky here.

You can order Annabelle here.

You're welcome.


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