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A teaser trailer for La La Land, a romantic musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, was released today, giving us a first look at their third on-screen collaboration. Watch the trailer below:

Directed by Damien Chazelle, who helmed 2013’s excellent and award-winning Whiplash, La La Land is about a musician (Gosling) and actress (Stone) falling in love while trying to make it in Hollywood.

The trailer is a minimalist montage, rather than a sampling of scenes. Gosling sings the simple “City of Stars,” a song original to the film, over shots of Gosling and Stone interacting with the city and one another. Though the teaser tells us no information about the plot, it shows us through clear and striking visuals, the struggle of trying to make it as a performer in Hollywood. Sleek, modern scenes are juxtaposed with romantic, old-Hollywood glamour, and the results are beautiful.

La La Land has the advantage of winning ingredients: Chazelle’s depiction of an intense artist, passionate about his craft and consumed by the desire to succeed in Whiplash, was immensely compelling. Stone and Gosling have proven chemistry and were exceedingly charming opposite each other in Crazy, Stupid, Love. They’ve also already handled vintage Los Angeles in Gangster Squad.

Gosling and Stone in 2011's 'Crazy, Stupid Love'
Gosling and Stone in 2011's 'Crazy, Stupid Love'

Though the teaser is really just a tease, it's already easy to imagine La La Land could be a future classic. Plus, it’s not often that we see original musicals that aren’t based on pre-existing Broadway shows, and anything fresh in our theaters is always welcome.

La La Land will debut at the Venice Film Festival in August and will be released to the public December 2nd.


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