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Star Wars Celebration takes place this weekend and many of us are excited for all the exclusive reveals that will be exposed this weekend, such as a new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, a potential Episode 8 teaser trailer, some EA video game news, and even some Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 news and a trailer.

While we are still expecting a full trailer for the new season of the critically acclaimed cartoon, we did not think that we would get to see a full clip taken from a Season 3 episode! The new clip was shown on the latest episode of The Star Wars Show which you can watch below, but if you only want to see the clip from Star Wars: Rebels, skip forward to the 3:40 mark.

This new Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 clip is pretty sizable, clocking in at over two minutes long. It was not only a fun thing to watch after such a long hiatus but it hinted at a lot of different things for the upcoming season. Let's take a look:

Ezra Is Donning A New Look

Ezra has taken on some new physical and mental characteristics. He is now wielding a brand new lightsaber that's colored green, a change from his normal blue. He has also shaved his shaggy hairstyle for a clean buzz cut. Personally, I would have loved to see a new costume, but he could still get one later on this season.

Ezra's new look is not only a readjustment for our eyes but it is symbolic of something — but what? Usually in movies and TV shows — especially if they are animated — a new look for a character is a sign of change and evolution. In this case, Ezra's shaved head shows how he has grown up. When he had his shaggy hair, he was still a child. The lightsaber change also shows suggests how his character has matured in his connection to the Force.

This is a parallel to Luke Skywalker and how he evolved throughout the Original Trilogy. In A New Hope, Luke was an immature farm boy with a long haircut and had a blue lightsaber. By the time of Return of the Jedi, he had a Jedi robe, a fresh haircut, and wielded a green lightsaber. If the parallels are deliberate, it's possible that Ezra is now a Jedi and will probably don a Jedi robe later this season.

Hondo Returns

In the clip, we see Ezra, Sabine, and Zebb rescuing Hondo from an Imperial facility. It is nice to see Hondo return to the show as he brings essential humor. We get to see him interact with Ezra once again, but the highlights of the clip were his conversations with Sabine and Zebb. Does this suggest that we will see more of Hondo this season? Hopefully we do, because personally, Hondo is one of my favorite supporting characters that we saw last season.


Are you excited to see Hondo again?

"Is That Really Ezra?"

When we see Ezra take down the stormtroopers in the clip, Hondo says "Is that really Ezra?" as if he cannot believe how much the boy has changed since their last encounter on Malachor. Sabine replies: "Most of the time." Obviously, Ezra has matured but I don't think that's what Sabine was trying to say. I think Lucasfilm specifically picked out this scene because it shows Ezra's new style while also hinting at a lot of things.

Sabine was inferring that Ezra isn't always himself anymore. It's not just the fact that he has become an adult, but that he is becoming more powerful and struggling to fight against the power of the Dark Side — which we saw towards the end of the second season. Also, the events that have recently unfolded such as the "death" of Ahsoka and the blinding of Kanan has certainly taken a tole on him.

Watch the epic duel between Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader:

All of this is leading to Ezra's potential turn to the Dark Side. It has been rumored and debated upon since the first season but now, there is some evidence that Ezra will end up turning. In the Original Trilogy, during Luke's confrontation with the Emperor, he could have shifted to the Dark Side but he held strong. There could be a similar event with Ezra where he is on the brink of falling to the Dark Side — and does. I think what the show is trying to do is tell a similar story to Luke Skywalker but instead of Ezra resisting the Dark Side, he will turn.


Will Ezra be seduced to the dark side?

What did you guys think of the clip? Are we going to see Dark Side Ezra? Tell me below!


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