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Horror fans are the strangest kind of fans. People think that we, horror fans, have weird taste. They believe that we love bizarre and creepy things; that we surround ourselves with eerie company; that we embellish our homes with strange objects; that we practice witchery and are followers of the dark arts.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me tell you a little secret: We horror fans are, at the core, just like everybody else. We love the same things that everybody else does and we like to do the same things that everyone else does.

I want to talk today about five things that most people misunderstand about horror movie fanatics. If you are a horror fan, I am sure that you have heard these kinds of things. And if you are not, you most likely have said or thought some of these things.

I hope you enjoy it!

*Please, notice that this article is just for fun, and it doesn’t intend to be taken seriously.*

1. Horror Fans Dress In Black

The Awesome Myth

Horror fans like gloomy things, right? After all, horror movies are quite somber, so it is quite logical that we translate that darkness into our real lives and, from then, to our clothes. People think that we wear exclusively Metallica/Iron Maiden/Black Sabbath t-shirts. They think that we use too much black eyeliner or that we wear satanic pendants and earrings depicting five-point stars or Baphomet.

The Boring Reality

Horror fans dress just like any other normal individual. We can buy our clothes in Walmart, Forever 21 or a Thrift Store (that is where I buy them, anyway). We can occasionally dress in black, that’s true, and in fact, anyone can do that. We tend to left that for funerals and other special events. After all, we are not Johnny Cash — or Batman.

2. Horror Fans Listen To Metal Music

The Awesome Myth

Pop music, alternative music, jazz music. These genres are not dark enough for horror fans. People think that we love our music just like we love our movies: grim and violent. Metallica, Iron Maiden, Bloodbath. We choose our CDs based on the covers; we love to see evil spirits and demons killing people on there. We also dislike everything else, because nothing else is dark enough. Neither Justin Bieber nor One Direction can express the emptiness and pain that we feel inside.

The Boring Reality

We listen to all kind of music — Pop, Rock, Indie. And we don’t discriminate any artist. We can like Adele, Rihanna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kid Rock, Frank Sinatra. We love horror movies, but we don’t listen to gloomy and brooding songs every day. We experience different moods during our daily life, and we, just like everybody else, pic our songs according to them. Now, if you excuse me, Mr. Robbie Williams is waiting for me!

3. Horror Fans Love Gore In Real Life

The Awesome Myth

This is a common one. Just because we love to see other people suffering on the screen, they think that we love to see people suffering in real life. They think that we adore to see others in pain, bleeding, and being mutilated. On the most extreme cases, they think that we love causing pain to others. After all, we are potential serial killers.

The Boring Reality

We know the difference between reality and fiction. We know that the blood and guts on the screen aren’t real. So, even if we love seeing those things on movies and shows, most of us can't tolerate to see them in real life. I myself cringe when I see something disgusting. I could never be a good doctor or surgeon; I would pass out in the middle of a surgery.

4. Horror Fans Are Social Outcasts

The Awesome Myth

Horror fans have no friends. They prefer to live in isolation. While everyone else spend their time in parties and social reunions, we horror fans, spend our time in our parents' basement watching obscure European films about sadism and degradation. While others are living adventures — climbing mountains or tanning on the beach — we spend our time alone, reading Stephen King books while drinking our lives away in loneliness.

The Boring Truth:

We are as social as everybody else. We leave our houses to play Pokémon Go. We go to parties. We like to play sports. We love go camping and hiking. We don’t like to live isolated from others. If you see us in a party, come closer — you can talk to us just like you would with anybody else. We promise not to talk about gory movies in our first conversation.

5. Horror Fans Are Satanists and Adore Satan

The Awesome Myth

This is the culmination of all other points. We dress in black, we listen exclusively to metal music, we are social outcasts, we love blood and gore. Summing everything, the only logical conclusion is that we adore Satan. Because, of course.

The Boring Truth

We horror fans can belong to any religion out there. Catholicism, Islamism, Judaism, Gnosticism (just like me), Communism. We can even watch movies about ghosts and demons, but without believing in them in real life. Maybe there are some guys out there who love horror movies and are also Satanists, but, just the same, there are also Satanists who doesn’t love horror movies. One doesn’t make the other.

So what do you think about these awesome myths? Do you think that I forgot to mention one? Let me know in the comment section below!

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