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Welcome to this week's dose of Creator awesomeness. Each week we choose the best of the best from our new Creators and feature their work right here. From the reviews to the top lists; thank you for your continued creativity, we absolutely love reading all your fantastic articles. Stay awesome!

Without further ado, here are this week's cool kids. Let's all give them a warm welcome to the platform.

15 Years Later, What Were the 10 Best Action Movies of 2001? BY Michael Siebenaler

In 2001 I was an 8 year old who knew nothing about film. Fast forward to 2016 and I have seen nearly every single movie on this list. There is no doubt about it, 2001 was a fantastic time for action movies, and Michael Siebenaler has shared his 10 favorites to prove it. From Angelina Jolie's Lara Croft: Tomb Raider to the first installment of what has since become a massive, worldwide phenomenon, The Fast & The Furious; get ready for a serious trip down memory lane.

Mr. Robot: The Show That Hacked Into Pop Culture BY Sean Bailey

Mr. Robot is yet another television show that proves viewers love to dive into a story which challenges our perceptions of society. According to Sean Bailey, this is the golden age of television, with networks like HBO and Netflix pushing the boundaries time and time again. Mr. Robot is a special case though, as it flies both under the radar, whilst also being critically acclaimed. Sean takes a closer look at why we cannot stop watching this show and what we can learn from it.

What Needs Work In Competitive Overwatch BY Adrian Lloyd

Recently, competitive Overwatch has been a hot topic for discussion and Adrian Lloyd thought it was about time to put his own two cents in. Though he has enjoyed the few times he has played competitive thus far, he sees room for improvement. From the points rewarded for a win or loss, to the length of the matches; Adrian suggests a couple of ways in which developers could take the enjoyment of this game to the next level.

The Flash Season 2: Exploring How Heroes Should Face Tragedy BY John Underdown

The Flash season 2 was one hell of an emotional rollercoaster, and not just for the viewers. Barry has been through a lot, as tragedy strikes him time and time again when he least expects it. From his team to his father, to his complicated love life; it is safe to say Barry has suffered enough for one lifetime. John Underwood takes a look at why season 2 was so dark and what this means for the seasons to come.

The Shows You Should Binge-Watch This Summer! BY Liv

We have all been there, the struggle of having to deal with too much free time over the summer. It is both a blessing and a curse. To make matters even worse, most of our favorite shows are on hiatus during the summer months (come back GoT!!!), meaning we are left with a big bottomless void (ok, slight over-exaggeration). Not to worry though, because Liv is here to fill that exact void with some of her television favorites to binge-watch until school starts again.

To Boldly Go: Star Trek's 10 Greatest Voyages BY Joshua de Vries

Can you believe it has been 50 years since Gene Roddenberry introduced the world to Star Trek? His ideas captured the hearts and minds of viewers all over the globe, and to this very day the fandom is still as strong as ever. After 6 television series and 13 films, fans will never be deprived of their Star Trek fix. Allow Joshua de Vries to share with you the greatest voyages this franchise has ever seen.

'The Shallows' - Blake Lively Redeemed BY This House Is Haunted

Blake Lively, in a horror flick? I know what most of you must have been thinking when you first heard the news but bear with me here, because The Shallows is actually much better than you think. Primarily known for he role as Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, Lively proves she has definitely got what it takes to become America's next big scream queen. Not sold just yet? Be sure to check out This House Is Haunted's in depth look at this surprising horror flick.

Dark Souls III and the Importance of Story Worlds in Modern Gaming BY The Punk Writer

For many gaming enthusiasts, gaming is about scoring points and beating the opponent, but not for The Punk Writer. For him, video games are about the story. Creating an engaging story is far from easy though; it needs to be able to carry the gameplay, yet not be too intrusive either. After all, it should compliment the game. Using Dark Souls III as his starting point, The Punk Writer takes a look at the importance of "Story Worlds", and why they are crucial to the future of gaming.

Fairy Houses Hobby BY Creative Mom

Creative Mom proves that Creators is truly a platform for everyone, with Creator interests ranging from movies and video games, to arts and crafts and animation. This mom believes that you can make something out of anything. Her fairy houses are fantastic little projects, and I for one would love to learn how to make them. May her adorable DIY creations be the inspiration you needed to start sharing your passions with our community.

Why 'The Legend of Tarzan' Is Actually A Great Movie BY Maggie Stancu

I don't know about you but I for one am excited to see The Legend of Tarzan, regardless of the negative reviews it has been receiving. Maggie Stancu shares my enthusiasm for this live action adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan. From Margot Robbie's acting chops to director David Yates' ability to give us all the right emotions; here is one girl's opinion on this epic summer blockbuster!

Why 'Houdini and Doyle' Deserves a Second Season BY Roselyn

We all know that ratings can make or break a show. Lately it has been more and more difficult for new shows to be renewed, mainly because it does take time to build up an audience. Houdini and Doyle is one such show. Though it has a strong fanbase, its ratings have reduced the network's faith in the success of a potential second season. Roselyn is of the opinion this show is not ready to be cancelled and that there are plenty of reasons the show deserves a second chance.

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