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After bringing in $782 million at the worldwide box office, it seems safe to say that a ton of us watched Deadpool at the cinema. The R-rated film became an unexpected hit after it became a sort of "people's film," having been pushed into production after large fan support emerged following the leak of test footage in 2014:

But back in 2013, before the movie morphed into the swear-y masterpiece we know and love today, 20th Century Fox debated whether or not to make the film with Tim Miller at the helm (the visual effects producer had never directed a feature length film before Deadpool), and in order to cover all their bases, accepted pitches from other filmmakers, including Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow.

Conceptual artist Kelton Cram worked on the artwork to accompany Wadlow's pitch, which had Deadpool going up against a team of super-villains called the Maraders, lead by the mutant Random (who is actually a member of the Acolytes in the comics). Because Random (real name Marshall Evan Stone III) as one huge unit, in the concept art Cram imagined him being played by one of the biggest, toughest units out there: Stone Cold Steve Austin!

I got to say, even though the studio didn't end up going with Wadlow's pitch, Austin would definitely suits the role of a villain. Take a look at Cram's concept art, which he shared via and see what you think:

[Kelton Cram]
[Kelton Cram]

Pretty awesome, right?!

Cram also shared a couple of concept images of Deadpool in his suit, which interestingly doesn't include the traditional white-eyes look the merc with the mouth is usually drawn with:

Cram said he believed that the white-eyes were left out because Wadlow was going for "a more gritty/realistic approach," and thought "the white eyes [were] a bit campy." He does, however, think that in the finished product, Fox totally pulled off the white eyes look.

What do you think of this concept art and Wadlow's idea for The Marauders as villains?



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