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It barely feels like yesterday that the whole world was losing its shit over Batman v Superman, but somehow four months (plus a couple more superhero epics — you probably noticed) have passed, and suddenly we're knocking at the door of Suicide Squad with hands clasped in prayer.

This movie needs to be the one. It simply has to deliver on the insanity promised by the trailer, has to pack big laughs and a cohesive story plus a decent plot twist or two — if not, DC has almost no hope of catching up with Marvel and creating an expanded universe people will actually give their dollar to.

Luckily, the omens are pretty good. Suicide Squad looks like a superhero movie quite unlike any other, and the last time one of those came along, the world instantly fell in love with a talking tree and a grumpy raccoon.

A lot has been written about the major players of this movie, not least of all Jared Leto's generation Z Joker and Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, plus the mean MVP running the show, Amanda Waller. One bad guy, though, has flown pretty far under the radar so far — down under.

Captain Boomerang: He'll be back. (DC Comics)
Captain Boomerang: He'll be back. (DC Comics)

I'm talking of course about Captain Boomerang, the Aussie antagonist whose skill with airborne objects makes him one of the DC's unlikeliest villains. The ability to throw a boomerang is hardly on a par with creating balls of flame in the hand (like teammate El Diablo), but then everything about Boomerang is atypical. While other DC bad guys were corrupted by the crime-riddled streets of Gotham, Boomerang (real name Digger Harkness) was playing the juvenile delinquent in the tiny village of Kurrumburra.

In many ways, Boomerang in the anti-Batman. As we saw in Batman v Superman, Batfleck is a brooding vigilante who takes himself as seriously as he takes the threat posed to Gotham by its criminal class. Jai Courtney, on the other hand, describes his Boomerang as somebody who takes nothing seriously:

"I definitely pick up the kind of class clown slack at times. Harley has this great line where she says, 'Your village in Australia is missing its idiot. You should call home.' Which is a great line and rings true. It's actually closer to myself than any other role I’ve ever played. [Why?] Because I'm a bogan piece of shit."

When it comes to taking down their enemy — presumably Enchantress, although specifics remain a mystery — the Squad could use the element of distraction that comes with a (proverbial) joker, who also happens to be very handy with a razor-sharp flying object. He may be a big mouth, but Captain Boomerang could also be the team's secret weapon.

Enchantress: enigmatic villainess. (DC/WB)
Enchantress: enigmatic villainess. (DC/WB)

Director David Ayer describes Courtney's character as the "most villainous" member of the Squad, an "evil-chaotic, out-of-control force of nature." Considering how much Batman despises Gotham's hardest criminals (along with the fact that he was the one who put Boomerang in Arkham), it's a pretty safe bet that their scenes together will be a hate-fueled riot.

Although anyone could feasibly die in this movie (they do have bombs implanted in their necks, with Amanda Waller poised and ready to push the button), you'd put your money on Boomerang making it out alive. In the comics he's often been an antagonist of The Flash, and given that DC has a Flash solo movie in the pipeline, they'd be pretty insane not to make maximum use of their class clown. Plus, it would be quite ironic if a man named Boomerang didn't come back.

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5 in the US and most European countries. Except Germany, because Germany. When that glorious day comes, expect Jai Courtney's bogan loudmouth to steal every scene.

Could Captain Boomerang Be The Squad's Secret Weapon?

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