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To anyone who disagrees that Star Trek is a romantic movie… Watch the films!!! I mean it’s obvious that Trek is mostly known for its’ science and intellect, but it has also brought to our screens some of the romantic scenes in cinematic history!

There is so much love on board the Enterprise, it’s no wonder the Star Trek films are held so close to our hearts. So set your phasers to stunning, and get ready for love as I reveal my most romantic moments from the Trek Universe.

ALERT: This article does contain SPOILERS! So if you haven’t seen Star Trek (really?!) then get watching before you get reading.

Spock and Uhura

In the reboot of the Star Trek movies in 2009, Spock and Uhura start their unexpected but truly magical love story. When Spock is about to face danger, Uhura reveals their secret relationship by stopping and passionately kissing him on the elevator. I have to admit, this is one Trekkie romance I didn’t see coming! But I love Spock and Uhura as a couple just as much as they love each other.

Of course with Spock being half Vulcan and half Human, and having the Vulcan trait of forsaking all (or most, in his case) emotion for logic, it’s no surprise they come to blows occasionally.

Kirk and Keeler

Despite Captain Kirk being the biggest womaniser on board the enterprise, I have searched through time and space to prove he does have a romantic side. After going back in time to save McCoy, Kirk meets a beautiful woman named Edith Keeler, and she appears to be his one true love.

The Captain breaks our hearts when he is forced to let his soulmate die to save the future, and he never seems the same again. The true romance of this scene comes from Kirk’s tendency to romance women and forget about them in the very next episode. So when he changes his ways, it truly touches our hearts.

B’Elanna and Paris

Even if you aren’t an old romantic, you can’t deny that there were tears in your eyes when B’Elanna Torres and Tom Paris died. Despite not everyone agreeing with their love, this undeniably romantic scene really pulled at our heart strings.

When teleporting into deep space was their only option to escape a damaged shuttle in Star Trek: Voyager’s Day of Honor, the two floated among the stars as they ran out of oxygen. As they confess their love for each other in what they think are their last living moments, their love reaches epic heights and for that moment appears to be the greatest love in Star Trek history.

Troi and Riker… and Riker?

If Star Trek romance could be summed up in one word, it would be “imzadi”. Throughout the series, Riker and Troi’s relationship remained little more than something in their past. But in the episode “Second Chances” their true love could no longer lie in the shadows.

After William Riker discovers a transporter accident created a second copy of himself who had lived alone for years, we learn this second Riker (Thomas) is still in love with Deanna Troi. Thomas pursues Troi and we finally get to watch how the romance between Riker and Troi unfolds. Without fail one of Treks ultimate romantic moments.

Captain Kirk and the Enterprise

Although I have revealed to you the moments of Trek that pull hardest at my heart strings, there is one last romance I feel can’t be missed out. This is a romance which has endured the hardest battles and triumphed over a whole generation of Star Trek, taking on the galaxy together time after time. The ultimate Trek love has to be between Captain Kirk and the Enterprise. Sorry Keeler, but this one takes the prize for the number one romance Trek has blessed us with.

If you still don’t think Star Trek is romantic… Maybe you just need to find your Imazdi at before you can appreciate these epic movie loves.


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