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Having been almost three seasons since he was last seen on the series, Thoros of Myr finally made a reappearances alongside the Brotherhood Without Banners in Season 6 of Game of Thrones.

Though we might have only seen him on screen in a handful of episodes, Thoros is an intriguing (and useful!) character, and one we are likely to see much more of in upcoming seasons thanks to the most recent addition to the Brotherhood, Sandor Clegane. Have any idea who I'm talking about? Never fear! Read on to learn more about the red priest, Thoros of Myr:

Given to the Lord of Light

Thoros was born in the Free City of Myr on the continent of Essos. He was the eighth son and with no way to support him, his father gave him up to the temple of the Lord of Light. At the temple, Thoros became a red priest (much like Melisandre, though not as dedicated), following R'hllor.

A failed task in Westeros

Thoros of Myr at Pyke [DeviantArt/Reaprycon]
Thoros of Myr at Pyke [DeviantArt/Reaprycon]

Before he was coronated, Thoros was charged with the task of traveling to Westeros and converting future King Robert Baratheon to the Lord of the Light, but failed in his attempts. Regardless, Thoros became a great friend to Robert and frequently joined him drinking and whoring, as well as fighting alongside him. Thoros became famous for coating his sword in wildfire and charging into battle with a flaming weapon, a trick he used when he fought for King Robert in the Greyjoy Rebellion (which took place approximately nine years before the period shown in the TV series).

The beginnings of the Brotherhood

Beric Dondarrion in Season 1 [HBO]
Beric Dondarrion in Season 1 [HBO]

In the book series we find out that Thoros was sent with the group of men under the command of Lord Beric Dondarrion (mentioned in Season 1, Episode 6), to bring Ser Gregor Clegane to justice. In the resulting Battle at the Mummer's Ford, Beric Dondarrion is killed but when Thoros kisses his corpse (as is religious tradition), Beric is brought back to life.

The pair then start a group known as the Brotherhood Without Banners which seeks to stand up for those civilians suffering because of the War of the Five Kings. Thoros converts most the Brotherhood to the Lord of Light, and any prisoner of the Brotherhood is put on trial before the Red God to receive judgement.

Brotherhood on a mission

The Brotherhood was introduced in the TV series when they came across Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie in Season 3, as well as Sandor Clegane who was put on trial by the group for killing Arya's friend Mycah in Season 1. Unfortunately it was a trial by combat and Clegane earned his freedom when he killed Beric, who was then once again revived by Thoros.

Later on in Season 3, Melisandre comes across the group on her search for Gendry, and persuades the Brotherhood to sell him to her for two bags of gold because the Lord of Light requires him. This earns both Thoros and Beric a place on Arya's kill list, having felt betrayed by the Brotherhood.

It's also during this exchange that Thoros reveals to Melisandre that he has brought Beric Dondarrion back from the dead six times, something which will later inspire the priestess to revive Jon Snow.

A new mission in the North

Thoros, Beric and three traitors [HBO]
Thoros, Beric and three traitors [HBO]

Since their appearance in Season 3, Episode 7, Thoros and the Brotherhood kept a low profile before making a reappearance in Season 6, Episode 8. When we're reintroduced to Thoros he's helping Beric hang three former members of the Brotherhood as punishment for an unauthorized attack on the group of people the Hound, Sandor Clegane, was living with. Following the hangings, the Beric recruits the Hound to the Brotherhood Without Banners who are currently heading North to fight the White Walkers.

With Clegane now a member of the Brotherhood there's no doubt we'll see more of Thoros and the Brotherhood in the future. Thanks to his ability to bring people back from the dead (with the help of the Lord of Light), Thoros is an integral member of the team, and could prove a key figure in the battle against the White Walkers and the Night King.

Are you a fan of Thoros of Myr and the Brotherhood Without Banners?

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