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It appears legendary Oscar winner Kathy Bates may be taking her leave from American Horror Story a bit sooner than expected. Kathy Bates first came to the series during the third season, subtitled Coven, as the murderous and immortal racist known as Madame Delphine Lalaurie. Since then, Bates has returned in a major capacity for both 2014's Freak Show and 2015's Hotel.

But Bates has recently announced a new full-time gig with another show. Netflix, the streaming service responsible for such captivating original hits as House Of Cards, Bloodline, and Orange Is The New Black, has recently picked up a brand-new sitcom from Big Bang Theory creator, Chuck Lorre. The series, titled Disjointed, will see Bates star as a lifelong marijuana-legalization advocate who realizes her dream has come true with the opening of her very own pot dispensary in Los Angeles. Netflix has ordered a twenty-episode first season from Lorre and Warner Bros. Television.

Bates in one of the few American Horror Story veterans who have yet to confirm a reprisal in the upcoming sixth installment. With her leading role in this new Netflix series, it calls into question whether she'll be involved in the new season at all. Though she is rumored to return, there has been no concrete announcement made by creator Ryan Murphy, who, earlier this year, revealed Bates was one of the many stars invited back for another go around.

Kathy Bates most recent role as Iris on 'AHS: Hotel'
Kathy Bates most recent role as Iris on 'AHS: Hotel'

While this news doesn't altogether mean that Bates wont be available for future seasons of American Horror Story, it may have a significant impact on her availability for a regular role. Even at 68, Bates still has quite the active movie career as well, especially with upcoming high profile releases such as Bad Santa 2 and William H. Macy's comedy/drama Krystal.

The new season of AHS, whose theme yet to be officially confirmed, has left fans relentless in their pursuit of clues, hints, and wild goose chases for any sort of inclination on what Season 6 will be about. Some fans believe, with the sudden reveal of the creepy red number 6 on AHS's Facebook page, that the theme will somehow revolve around the Devil or the Antichrist.

The new season will break with tradition by airing only 10 episodes instead of the usual 12 or 13 and shifting the premiere to mid-September instead of October, as has been the norm since the pilot episode.

American Horror Story Season 6 will premiere, with or without Kathy Bates, on Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX

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