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Are you afraid of the summertime blues? Are you out of money, short on ideas and terrified of being bored to death? Then check out the free horror movies below because there is more to life than just "killing time." You know, like watching other people kill stuff.

First on the list we have Frightpix. This site provides a plethora of completely free horror films to satiate your sanguinary appetite. The only drawback is an Over The Top (OTT) business model which requires viewers to watch ads during playback.


Frightpix Horror Collections (Part 1)

Though the site has many horror collections and categories, I suggest starting with The "Scary Good" collection. It includes 40 hand-picked films for the hardcore horror hound. Consider it a treasure chest of creature features, slasher flicks and cult classics. Stephen King's Thinner, directed by Tom Holland, is currently a hot title. Other rare gems include Dahmer and Satan's Little Helper.

Frightpix Horror Collections (Part 2)

My second "must watch" selection immerses you in the supernatural. Frightpix's "Paranormal" collection is second to none. It provides an impressive range of feature films both new and old. There are a total of 42 movies, with popular selections like Paranormal Activity. Most of the site's success comes from its parent company, Screen Media. They are known for obtaining "underrated" indie and horror films, including the recent acquisition of Ghost from the Machine.


Would you watch free movies online if you had to sit through video ads?

YouTube And Chill?

Say what you will about YouTube, the company has been secretly growing an impressive database of free online movies for some time. As it turns out, YouTube Partner Programs aren't just for consumers. Even major studios opt in to revenue sharing.

The Paramount Horror Vault is a prime example, carrying 10 bone-chilling titles as of July 2016. I realize you are thinking, "Only 10?" Trust me. Most of them are titles you'll want to see. My first suggestion would be to watch The Loved Ones.

Directed by Sean Byrnes, this little indie sleeper was nominated for the Australian Film Institute's "Best Original Screenplay" Award in 2012. It also won the People's Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival among other awards and nominations.

Another good choice on Youtube is the Filmrise Horror Selection with 14 of the campiest slash and bite films you can imagine. Hack, Carver and The Attic certainly rank high on that list.

Last, But Not Least

The Snagfilms Horror Collection currently includes at least 70 paranormal, creature feature, slasher and thriller movies. Again, like Frightpix, the site has an OTT business model. But the ad server is much smoother and provides a cleaner, uninterrupted viewing experience.

Some of the site's most notable titles include The Millennium Bug, Supercroc and the 2010 award-winning horror feature Ashes.

That's it. 150+ legally free horror movies providing over 250 hours of blood, violence, psychological twists, nudity and jump scares. Just scroll back up the page, pick a horror movie/site link, and start watching.

What is your favorite summertime horror movie?


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