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Will Ferrell may go down as one of the most influential comedic actors of his generation. He's already one of the greatest Saturday Night Live cast members to ever entertain a live audience at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. He did so by having a plethora of classic characters and moments.

From 1996 until 2002, Will Ferrell kept us with tears of hilarity running down our faces for hours on end. These are just a few standouts from his dozens of memorable characters.

Robert Goulet

Will Ferrell took an iconic singer, actor, and Broadway performer and turned him into a delusional, chain smoking alcoholic that randomly says his last name. Looking at the bit now, he is playing what we all think it would look like if a celebrity got old and never realized that their career was over.

Will Ferrell's Goulet has a rap album called Coconut Bangers Ball: It's a Rap and a terrible Broadway play with his brothers Wes and Ken Goulet called "Red Ships of Spain." Everything about this character was done flawlessly. GOULET!

Office Manager

This may not have been one of his more memorable sketches, but it's definitely one of the funniest. Will goes from a happy manager that's trying his best to bring in a new employee to a boss that disciplines and threatens his employees in the most ridiculous and horrible ways possible and then goes back to, "So, the job offers these benefits...". He actually stabs Chris Parnell's character with a trident 33 times. The best part is watching Pierce Brosnan trying his hardest not to laugh.

Harry Caray

"HEY! If the moon was made of ribs, would ya eat it?" It was silly questions like this that Harry Caray (Will Ferrell) asked astrophysicist Dr. Kent Wahler (played by Jeff Goldblum) on his show Space: The Infinite Frontier.

Will Ferrell just shakes and asks a scientist some of the the most foolish questions possible. It's one thing to do this, but to do it as a famous Chicago Cubs broadcaster makes it that much funnier. It's absolutely great when there's an awkward silence and Will just yells out "HEY!" in that unmistakable Caray impression.


This skit happened just a few weeks after 9/11, and SNL made it a point to try and make the public laugh again while still being patriotic. Well, it worked. I don't know why, but Will Ferrell in a thong just makes everyone laugh. No one was able to keep a straight face the whole time.

Host Sean William Scott tried, but even he snickered a few times. Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch tried so hard to contain their laughter and be professional, but they eventually just gave up and hid their faces. They even had to stop looking at him!

George W. Bush

There was an eight year period when George W. Bush was the go-to joke of, well, the entire comedy world. While everyone had their impressions, but no one made Bush look like more of an idiot than Will Ferrell. The key wasn't to make Bush look dumb. It was making him look like he thought he was smart. It was flawless. The voice was great, the mannerisms were amazing, and he even captured the silly laugh Bush did when he had no idea what was going on.

Alex Trebek

As great as the celebrity guests were on the show, it was Will Ferrell's amazing portrayal of Jeopardy host Alex Trebek that made the SNL skit a classic. Whenever Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond) would make an obscene comment about his mother or Burt Reynolds... excuse me, Turd Ferguson (Norm MacDonald) would ask a dumb question, Will Ferrell would keep his composure and respond with the same calm that the real Alex Trebek would. Not once did he break character during these sketches — and Sean Connery has said some very mean things about Trebek's poor mother over the years.

Check out Will Ferrell's latest in the trailer for Zoolander 2:

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