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When something's strange in the neighborhood — who do you call? That slogan has helped to define one of the most cherished franchises in movie history — Ghostbusters. Since 1984 Ghostbusters has played a major role on the silver screen, as the film by Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman became a global phenomenon, with the series expanding to mediums such as television, video games and even comics.

Now the series has made its return to the big screen with a new reboot directed by Paul Feig (with tons of Easter Eggs and references to the previous movie). Despite the film taking a new direction by featuring an all-female ghostbuster team, the fact remains that another group of paranormal investigators have answered the call. Yet the idea of ghosts have always played a part of the movie world (and the real world). Usually residing in the realm of horror, this genre of film has haunted moviegoers for years thanks to the various movies dealing with frightening apparitions. So what would happen if some of cinema's most notorious ghosts went up against the famed paranormal investigators? Something interesting that is for sure.

5. Poltergeist

In 1982, filmmaker Steven Spielberg and director Tobe Hooper brought the film Poltergeist to the silver screen, and since its release the movie has been one of the most acclaimed horror films in modern history. The film centers on a family that discovers that their house is being haunted by a specter. It turns out that this entity was created from a graveyard that is buried beneath the house. The spirit in Poltergeist was known from pulling all kinds of tricks, from moving objects to creating portals to the spirit world.

This ghost would certainly be a handful, but for the Ghostbusters, this kind specter is something they are used to dealing with. The team is known for facing beings from another world, so fighting the Poltergeist would be nothing new for the famed team. However, that is not say this dark entity would not give the Ghostbusters a run for their money.

4. Paranormal Activity

In recent years, moviegoers have seen the likes of haunting shown in a different light thanks to Paranormal Activity. Revolutionizing the found footage genre, the Paranormal Activity series captured several events where families are haunted by a being known as Toby. Like most supernatural entities, Toby tends to haunts his victims using telekinesis — making strange sounds and possessing objects.

While this being is a demon, the likes of Toby is nothing the Ghostbusters have not dealt with before, as the likes of Zuul can attest to:

If the Ghostbusters can understand Toby's motivation then the crew catching this ghoul should have no problem.

3. Beetlejuice

Hailing from the 1988 film by Tim Burton is none other than Beetlejuice. This outlandish poltergeist is a being of chaos — anyone who says his name three time will soon regret that they did. A confrontation between this specter and the Ghostbusters would be an interesting one. With Beetlejuice having an array of powers, the Ghostbusters would definitely have a hard time trying to catch this ghost. Then again, if the four know the magic words to recall this ghoul, then maybe catching Beetlejuice will not be that hard; although the iconic specter will not make it easy for the famed team.

2. The Grudge

The concept of Japanese ghosts has been no stranger to moviegoers, as the likes of Ju-On and Ringu have been remade into the horror series The Grudge and The Ring. In this case though, we will be looking at the specter of The Grudge: Kayako Saeki. Kayako was just a normal Japanese woman with a husband named Takeo and a child named Toshio. However, when Takeo discovers Kayako's obsession with an American professor, Takeo kills both his wife and child in a jealous rage. This causes both Kayako and Toshio to become onryo (vengeful spirit), who haunt their old home and anyone who dares to enter. So how would this onryo fare against the Ghostbusters?

While Kayako may appear as a typical ghost, this spirit has some nasty abilities such as being able to spread herself like an infection. However, the Ghostbusters may have the best weapon against this spirit by imprisoning this onryo in their signature trap. Still even though they may have the right tool, the Ghostbusters catching this cinematic specter would be easier said then done.

1. Insidious

If there is one series that has brought a new meaning to cinematic ghosts, it would have to be the specters of Insidious. With three films to its name, Insidious has conjured up an array of ghouls like the Red-Faced Demon, The Bride in Black and The Man Who Can't Breathe. Each of them bring an array of supernatural powers to point where any of these apparitions would be trouble for the living world. While the Ghostbusters have dealt with spirits that have ranged from powerful to just creepy, the biggest issue when handling these ghosts is the realm known as The Further. This astral plane is filled with a entourage of dark spirits, with each seemingly creepier than the last. If the Ghostbusters were to come across these specters, then the team of paranormal investigators would be in for one long night.

Even with the ghosts mentioned above, there is no shortage of cinematic spirits that could toe-to-toe with the Ghostbusters. Yet despite the dark tone that these creatures bring with them, there is no denying that the Ghostbusters could take on these dastardly beings. Sure, the team is known for their lighthearted nature, but they have dealt with their fair share of evil spirits (and even godly beings, not to mention getting covered in tons of ectoplasm!).

So even though the likes of Beetlejuice or the Further could give this group a run for their money, there is no doubt that Ghostbusters would be answer the call to these supernatural beings.

Which ghost do you think could beat out the Ghostbusters?


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