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Early screenings of Star Trek Beyond were shown to critics and select audiences on Wednesday night, with just over one week to go before wide release. The film is the first of the new series not directed by J.J. Abrams and many have been unsure as to how much it would differ with Justin Lin in the director's chair. With the first screenings in the books, reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and include such praise as:

Many of the reviews on social media share some common praises dealing with story, humor, and special effects. Based on these comments, Star Trek Beyond may be closer in tone to the first film, which was much lighter than Star Trek Into Darkness. A number of reviewers mentioned nice tributes to both Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin at the end of the film (whose absence shook the film to its core). Aside from those comments, there were also a surprising number of reviews that had one particular aspect in common.

The first two films of the new franchise were widely praised by both critics and the general movie-going public alike, but die-hard Trekkies found the new incarnations of their beloved characters to be somewhat of a departure from the original series.

In many of the comments on Star Trek Beyond, reviewers seem to consistently site a tone and feel that is closer to the original series than anything in the current franchise. If this indeed turns out to be the case, the film could be the first of the new series to be widely approved by both regular and hardcore audiences.

What Happens After Star Trek Beyond?

It was unknown if Star Trek Beyond would be the final chapter of a trilogy or part of a larger series of future films, but it was recently announced at a press conference that there will be a fourth film in the current franchise. The rebooted series of films have brought on a new generation of Trek fans and the current installment could re-energize Trekkies who have been waiting for more of a throwback to the original series. With the current reviews for Star Trek Beyond and the announcement of a fourth film in the franchise, fans have much to look forward to.

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters next week on July 22. Check out a clip from the film below.

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