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The list of 2016 Emmy Nominations has been released, and while it's filled with some well-deserved people and shows, there were, as always, some snubs. From Lady Gaga to Uzo Aduba, people are having some intense reactions. But the snub generating some of the biggest outrage is Sophie Turner, AKA Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones. Giving some of her strongest performances yet this season, Sophie Turner deserves a nomination.

Game Of Thrones Is Not Going Unrecognized

The hit HBO fantasy show has earned a whopping 23 nominations this year, which is insane, but also well-deserved. Season six brought some incredible moments and episodes to the table, and we are all glad that the Battle of the Bastards is getting recognized. Kit Harington has earned a nomination for his wonderful portrayal as Jon Snow, and the ladies of Westeros have most certainly made their mark. Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), and Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), have all received nominations. Girl power!! But why not Sophie?

Sansa Hate Is Still A Thing

Since the first season, Sansa Stark has gotten a lot of hate from fans. People have always thought her weak and annoying. While Arya was learning how to fence, Sansa was pining after Joffrey. And the truth is that it wasn't until season five that people truly started feeling sympathetic towards the character, and it wasn't until this season that people realized how strong she truly was. People were, and still are, comparing her with her sister, Arya. Arya's strength is obvious. She is a very physical character, so people often assume that Sansa is the opposite. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Just because Sansa isn't a physical fighter, it doesn't mean that she isn't strong.

Sansa Is One Of The Best Characters On The Show

For one of the smartest and strongest characters on the show, she sure does get a lot of negative responses. But she shouldn't. While in season one, all she really wanted was to marry Joffrey, which was a reasonable want. She is the eldest daughter of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell, and as such, marrying a Prince and becoming Queen of Westeros is a realistic goal, and it would feel like an honor. If only that Prince wasn't Joffrey. But hey, we've all had cringe-worthy crushes, right?

Sansa Is One Of The Strongest Characters In Westeros

She has endured more than anyone else in The Seven Kingdoms. She has to stand almost directly next to her father as he is executed, knowing that the man who ordered it is the one she must marry. She suffers countless beatings and is publicly stripped and humiliated by said man, until she is finally released of that engagement, only to be married off to a Lannister. She later is accused of Joffrey's murder, only narrowly escaping King's Landing with her life. Just when she is sure things can't possibly get worse she is handed off to her insane aunt, who also tries to murder her! And then, to top it all off, she is married off yet again to a man even worse than her first suitor, and must endure all that the monster put her through.

So Why Is Sansa Stark So Incredible?

One, she has survived six seasons. On Game of Thrones, that is an impressive feat. Two, she has survived all of that torment and pain, and managed to reunite with at least one member of her family, owning up to her mistakes and apologizing, even though it's not necessary. And three, she is the reason the Starks were able to retake Winterfell. Without her decision to write to Petyr Baelish, the Knights of the Vale would never have come to their aid, and Jon's army, and Jon himself, would have fallen.

Sophie Turner Deserves An Emmy For Her Amazing Performance

We have watched Sophie and Sansa both grow as the years progressed, and as I said, no character has suffered more greatly than her. We have watched Sansa evolve from this love-struck little girl to this powerful woman who demands respect and punishes those who have dared to cross her family. She may not wield a sword, but she is not helpless. Words are her weapons. And while Arya may have killed Walder Frey, it was Sansa who took back the North.

Sophie Turner has had to do some really disgusting scenes throughout the seasons, and this year we finally got to see some payback. She teaches those who have mistreated her a lesson, she watches as the man who raped her is torn to parts, she lets Littlefinger beg for her to forgive him, she steps into her power. Sansa has had one of the biggest character arcs, and this season was such a big one for her. The truth is that no one could play this role like Sophie does, and there's no question as to why fans are outraged. All we can hope for is a nomination next year, but that doesn't change the fact that her name should be listed among the others this year, and that it will be sorely missed.

Sansa has been disliked since day one, but I've always adored her. She has survived more than many could, and without her, the North would never have been retaken. Even though the release of season seven has yet to be determined, I cannot wait to see what it brings for this truly amazing character.


What Do You Think? Does Sophie Turner Deserve An Emmy?